Ski-roller track in Mir village

Ski-roller track is the place where you can have fun and spend fascinating time both in winter and summer. Mir Township, which, as we know, is a recognized tourist Mecca of Belarus, is located in Baranovichi district – the northern district of Brest region. That fact became a key one when the question of the construction of sports facilities arose.

The decision on the construction of the ski-roller track was made in 2004, when the regional festival “Brest trails” took place in the urban village of Mir. A little time passed since the appearance of the project to its implementation. Soon, in the vicinity of Baranovichi (eight kilometers away), a grand construction appeared which for more than a decade welcomes both sports enthusiasts and professional athletes.

What the ski-roller track looks like?

Ski-roller track is a universal sports facility, designed for such sports as skiing, roller-skates and bicycles. Briefly, there is something to do here in any season.

The track is covered with asphalt, and runs through the forest. In fact, these are two asphalt circles; the length of one is 530 meters, and the second is 870 meters. The width of the two routes is three meters. The difference in height is about 60 meters.

Ski-roller track has a sufficiently developed infrastructure. Rental center offers any necessary sports equipment – skis, sledges, roller skis, bicycles, roller-skates. In addition, the coating of the track is perfect for Nordic walking, for which all the necessary equipment is also provided. Special attention should be given to the lockers which look like compartment carriage – a very original solution for dressing up in special clothes.

If you have never stood on skis or roller skis, it is not a problem at all! There are experienced instructors who are happy to help you get started on the road and get a guaranteed pleasure of being on the ski-roller track in Mir Township.

Ski-roller track established itself as a convenient place for different types of competitions of district, regional and even national level from the very beginning of its existence. In addition, training camps on winter sports- skiing and biathlon can be hold here on the highest level. If necessary, catering as well as accommodation will be organized.

Roller trail is popular among local people and tourists, who arrive in large numbers to Mir, so it is planned to make it a full-fledged tourist attraction in the near future. A hotel has already been built for this purpose, and the only thing left to do is to include the track into various hiking trails and to go into question of its infrastructure development.