The Maxim Bogdanovich Literature Museum in Minsk

The Maxim Bogdanovich Literature Museum in Minsk



The opening of “the literary museum of Maksim Bogdanivich“ took place on the 8th  of December, 1981. M. Bogdanovich is a classical author, coming into the Belarusian literature golden fond. The poet M. Bogdanovich is honored with a separate museum. It is not without reason, as living such a short life he left a rich legacy for the descendants.

There is also a good reason for the museum to be located in Troitski suburbs. It is a development in the capital of Belarus, where the past and present meet each other, perfectly suitable for the museum’s location place. On the Svisloch river bank, all of the precious exhibits are gathered in the XIX century building. The visit of the museum can be taken within the excursion along the Troitski suburbs, which is Minsk historical region with a wonderful atmosphere. Tourists are more likely to enjoy the visit of two museum’s branches: “Belarusian khatka” and “Folwark Rakutevschina”.

The museum’s exposition is so rich, extensive and diverse; that even the most curious tourist will find detailed information about the poet’s life and works. Five copies of the collected poems “Wreath” are represented at the museum. The only collected poems published in M. Bogdanovich life time is a unique poem collection of a literature classic. A great number of books, devoted to this poet, his poems translation are gathered at the museum; the books of Belarusian writers and poets, who were Bogdanovich work’s admirers, are also kept in the funds.

Maksim’s manuscripts

But a real museum’s wealth is by right in poet’s manuscripts. Thus, a manuscript collected poems “Zelenya” by M. Bogdanovich is extant (in orginal). Contemporaries, relative and close friends’ manuscript reminiscences are included in the museum’s exposition. Besides, poet’s documents and various lifetime photographs are carefully kept by the museum’s workers. At the museum’s visit the attendants have a possibility to watch 3 films about Maksim Bogdanovich, to listen to the records and the audio tracks. All in all you can move to the days of Bogdanovich.

The information about the poet is at free access in Russian, Belarusian and English languages. Some events are always taken place at the museum. Who knows, perhaps, you could be the lucky one to visit one of them.

"Belarusian Khatka"

Certainly the Museum of M. Bogdanovich visit can’t do without the trip to “Belarusian Khatka”. This house, located on the other side of Minsk, is really precious for the poet work’s fans and is also interesting fr om tourist point of view. In this house Maksim Bogdanovich lived since October 1916 to February 1917. The “Belarusian Khatka” is the recreation of not only the poet’s life but also of the whole literary Minsk during the First World War.

Unique and really precious extant exhibit of the “Belarusian Khatka” is an old kind of theatre-batleika. It appeals both to children and adults.

Maksim’s spring

The life of Maksim Bogdanovich was rather eventful. He preferred not only to travel, but also to be on a visit. That’s why the tourists are to go beyond the bounds of Minsk, so that to learn about one more period in Belarusian poet’s destiny.

The branch “Folwark Rakutevschina” was opened in 1994 at the Lychkovskys estate. It is the place, wh ere the poet was on visit, some of his works were written here. Today, the “Folwark Rakutevschina” is an interesting place for toursits, as except for the estate itself the nature is picturesque, Maksim’s spring flows, each summer poetry and song fest “Rakutevskoe summer” is held here.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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, Minsk , Belarus
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