Lida Brovar

Lida Brovar was the ancestor of the modern Lida brewery that today is the most popular in Belarus. A large variety of beer and tasty kvass loved by all people are produced here.

The history of foundation and development of the Lida Brovar is closely intertwined with the life of Jews in Lida. It was founded in 1863 by funds of the merchant Papirmeyster. The centuries-old tradition of brewing in Lida district refers to earlier time. At the time, small breweries and malt-houses were constructed outside the town to avoid town fires. The town of Lida was always famous for its tasty beer that was sold in taverns in many streets.

The first mentioning of the Lida beer production dates back to 1868 when the first brewery was established there. It was constructed on a separate spot, a total surface of which was about one hectare, not far from the saw-mill of Nosel Zelikovich Pupko. That plant was of a great assistance thanks to its wastes that were used as fuel for brewing.

1876 was marked for the plant by the initial batch of produced beer. By the late XIX century, a large variety of beers were produced within the walls of the brewery. The light beers included such as “Stolovoe” and the strongest one “Dvoynoe pivo”. Such beers as “Tsarskoe” and “Ideal” won honorary awards in the contests of the early XX century. “Bavarskoe”, “Martovskoe”, “Pilzenskoe” were among the most popular beers.   

In 1910, the owner of the Lida Brovar Papirmeyster and the owner of the sawmill Pupko decided to incorporate and form a company called “Bavaria”. However, the brewery of Papirmeyster ceased to exist in 1944. A better fate was prepared for the plant of Pupko. The plant had actively been functioning for a long time. It produced high quality products and over time, it has become the modern brand mark “Lidskoe”.

During the war, soldiers considered beer “Lidskoe” the best among the range of products offered throughout the occupied territory. The brothers Pupko that were Jews by nationality had to leave those lands in order to avoid a punitive operation. They returned to the native district after the war; however, they could work at the plant for a short period as in 1939 the brewery was nationalized.

Before 1952, the Lida Brovar was neglected, devastated and non-operational till the change of ownership. Since that, an active modernization of the equipment has begun. The production was renewed; that breathed a new life into the plant that was so popular at one time.

Today the Lida brewery is well-known not only in our country but also abroad. The Belarusian plant makes serious competition for many import producers and does not concede to them in taste and quality characteristics.

Visiting the brewery in Lida, you can see for yourself the production technology of different beers and kvasses and also take part in tasting in order to find the tastiest ones.

sitors return to these beautiful and picturesque places again and again. Walking along the paths and walkways near the church in the estate park, you can feel as if in some fairy tale and look back in time, a century ago, when princes and their guests from other regions wandered around the park.

excavations have been carried out in the castle over the past 20 years. Festivals, knight’s tournaments and costumed performances have become more often here. It is a huge attraction for travelers from different towns and countries.

Today anyone willing can visit this amazing place in Grodno region called the Lida Castle. A trip to this area is included in many tourist routes that are created for a closer and more detailed acquaintance with the culture, history and architecture of the country.