Forest park zone of “Green Meadow”

Forest park zone of “Green Meadow”


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What capital can boast of such a large amount of greenery, cleanness, security? Certainly, it is Minsk. The capital of Belarus is not only squares, avenues and buildings. There are many parks in the capital; cleanliness and spaciousness prevail everywhere. Particularly, the forest park zone of "Green Meadow" area in Minsk is worth mentioning. It is due to a forested zone, the area of "Green Meadow" is the purest district of Minsk according to the environmental indicators.

Slepyanskaya water system

How do you start your morning in a big city as a tourist? May be with a jogging or a bicycling? That is a great idea. The idea is just perfect for Minsk. If you are lucky enough to stay at the district "Green Meadow", don’t miss an opportunity to start your morning exactly this way.

Previously the forest area belonged to a village Green Meadow in Minsk region. Now it is a full capital area with many advantages, including excellent infrastructure, clean air, Minsk center accessibility.

The forest park zone passes through almost the entire district. It includes Slepyanskaya water system: a variety of reservoirs and canals. During the USSR this construction of Belarusian architects was honored with The Lenin Prize, the highest award at that time.

The Slepyansky canal is a great place to relax both in winter and in summer. Do you like tanning, fishing and beach volleyball? Here you are. Besides, the canals and reservoirs are beautifully decorated with the fountains and sculptures.

The forested area

The forested area is another weighty argument in favor of renting a house in the "Green Meadow" micro-district. Organically created development of apartment buildings does not spoil the forest, but on the contrary, has become an integral part of it. Thus, athletes and just healthy lifestyle fans do jogging here nowadays. You can meet tourists here who arrived in Minsk not just to see the sights but also to understand how the citizens live.

By the way, Minsk citizens fr om other regions themselves like to spend their weekends in the forest park of the “Green Meadow” district. Firstly, you don’t need to sit in kilometer-length traffic jams at the city’s exit to the countryside. The nature is beautiful and quite diverse: there are both coniferous forest, and deciduous trees with a centuries-old history here. Secondly, an untouched forested area is so pleasant and located within the bounds of Minsk. And it means you can immediately go shopping after a picnic.

 Destination - Minsk
Every capital city has its parks, but not each of them can boast of a forested area. Minsk is a very interesting tourist destination in this case.The compactness of the Belarusian capital, safety and presence of such clean green places, where you can easily spend a weekend with your family, take a walk with your kids and go for a stroll in burning lanterns lights in the evening, make Minsk the undisputed leader among the
capitals of not only the CIS countries, but also of Europe. It’s not surprising that the Belarusian capital appears more often in the guidebooks, newspapers and magazines read by foreign gues


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