Kreva Castle

The history of Krevo Castle creation in Krevo settlement

Krevo settlement is known among all of the country’s residents due to its valuable historical sight, which attracts tourists. It is Krevo castle – the most ancient building, dated to the XIV century.

Krevo castle has a rich and interesting history, which is filled with lots of events. Not only good events but also, alas, unpleasant ones took place in its walls. In 1382, one of the great princes Keystut was killed there. In three years, in 1385, Poland and the Great Duchy of Lithuania signed the Union of Krevo in the castle.

XVI century was hard times for Krevo castle, at that period, it was besieged by Moscow and Tatar troops now and then.

Starting with the XIX century, the castle was ceased to be a defensive structure and was abandoned as useless. During the World War I, walls of the construction were greatly damaged and it led the castle to a miserable condition of ruins, which were suspended in 1929.

Description of Krevo castle

Krevo castle is not only a piece of ancient history with its numerous mysteries and legends, but also a valuable architectural monument, which had its peculiarities. It was the first fortress, which was entirely made of stone. Those were the solid walls, the thickness of which acquired up to 2, 5 meters, and the height came to 12 meters. The castle possessed two watch-towers at its time.

Today the castle presents only ruins in a small settlement of Krevo, not far fr om the town of Smorgon. Tourists can see only walls of the structure and some parts of the towers.

The ruins of the castle carry a lot of mysteries and legends. The most popular of them tells about the long tunnel, passing underground from the castle to Vilno, and about a girl, who was bricked up alive in the walls of the most ancient construction. Neither of the legends is confirmed with facts, but these charming histories always attract, draw attention and quicken the imagination.

A picturesque view on Krevo castle ruins is opened when you are on the top of the hill, which belongs to Yuriev hill. Quite an ancient heathen temple was located on that hill. Today a stone-amulet is located here – it is one of four stones, which stood at the entrance to the settlement of Krevo as a town protection from illnesses, hardship and misfortune.

The ruins of Krevo castle is one of the most interesting places of Belarus, wh ere the tourists from different towns are eager to come. A tourist trip to the settlement of Krevo will bring a lot of impressions, will allow you to touch a part of the county’s history and go through the events connected with this place.

It won’t be difficult to get to Krevo castle. The ruins are located in the northern direction along Minsk-Vilnius route, 70 kilometers away from Minsk. Having no opportunity to come here by car, you can get here by train. There is a railway station in the town of Smorgon along Molodechno-Vilnius route.