The local history Museum in Dobrush

The local history Museum in Dobrush



The most complete picture of the history and culture of Dobrush land you will receive in the district local history Museum. Here you can admire old towels, ancient icons, picturesque paintings, and see a worktable of the famous Belarusian writer Ivan Shamyakin.

The local history Museum in Dobrush is one of the youngest in Belarus. It was founded only in 2002, but the first visitors could see the Museum exhibits in 2007.

The history of the Museum building

The Museum is housed in the building of a former school for children of employees of the Dobrush paper factory. In 1904 this educational institution was opened at the expense of Princess Irina Paskevich (the Paskeviches had owned Dobrush since 1834).

The two-year elementary school accommodated 200 children. Unfortunately, 5 years after its founding a fire occurred in the school. The building was burned down.  The Princess donated another 1.5 thousand rubles for its restoration. A new one-storeyed stone building was built. In one of its wings were training rooms, in the other were music classes.

Later, in 1910, craft classes were opened here as well. Then they turned into a factory and technical school. The building itself is an architectural monument of the early 20th century.

The opening of Dobrush local history Museum

The Museum was opened in the summer of 2007 when the reconstruction of the building was completed. On this day the Museum funds were supplemented with the work of the famous Soviet painter Ilya Glazunov “Portrait of Andrei Gromyko with his wife”. Earlier the painting was a part of a collection of the National Art Museum. The former Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Andrei Gromyko is a native of Gomel region.

The Museum also received graphic works of Belarusian artists of Arlen Kashkurevich, Natalia and George Poplawski, Alena Los and others.

What will you see in Dobrush local history Museum?

The Museum has more than 9 000 museum pieces. The total exhibition area is about 215 m2. Here are five permanent exhibitions:

  • “The most ancient past of the land”. The exposition narrates about the Ethnography and archaeological finds in Dobrush district. Among the items there are local icons of the early 19th century and authentic Dobrush woven belts.

  • “From crafts to Industry”. The exposition tells about the industrial history of the region. In due time here were a canvas factory, copper smelting works, porcelain factory. In 1872 was opened the famous paper factory (under the name “Hero of labour”). Among the exhibits there is a pendulum of a clock of the late 19th century, parts of plant equipment, photos and maps.

  • “The history of public education”. The items tell you about the opening of the first schools in Dobrush district and the work of the famous teachers - the writer Ivan Shamyakin and the first Secretary of the Communist party of Belarus Tikhon Kiselyov. Some personal belongings of Ivan Shamyakis are also presented here. 

  •  Dobrush porcelain”. A fascinating narration about the history of the porcelain factory in Dobrush.

  • “Dobrush partisan movement”.

In the Museum there is also the Art gallery of Vladimir Prokoptsov (opened in 2008), which hosts exhibitions from the collections of the National Museum.

Where is the Museum?

The district local history Museum is located on Paskevich Street, 1 in Dobrush.

The local history Museum receives visitors six days a week, except Monday. The working time is  from 8.30 till 17.30 (the lunch break is from 13.00 to 14.00).




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