The history of the Church of Yan (John) the Baptist in Mstibovo village

The history of the Church of Yan (John) the Baptist in Mstibovo village


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A cosy village of Mstibovo is located in Grodno region and belongs to Volkovysk district. That place was mentioned in the annals for the first time in 1202. The village is quite old and has a very rich and eventful history, and it is also a place where a most interesting sight is located.

In 1512, a Catholic Church was founded on the territory of Mstibovo settlement. The church was built of wood. During the existence of the wooden construction, it burned several times in the fire and was rebuilt. It was only in 1910, when the structure of the wooden temple was dismantled, and soon a new church of stone was built on its place. And 20 years after the church construction, it was officially consecrated in honor of St. John (Yan) the Baptist.

During the World War II in 1943 fifty parishioners and prior M. Burak were shot by the Nazis in the church walls. In the postwar period, the prior was reburied closer to the temple and a monument was built in his honor. It reminds everyone of resolute faith and prior’s devotion. The memory of that day is still in the air inside the temple.

The description of the Church of Yan (John) the Baptist in Mstibovo village

The temple of St. John (Yan) the Baptist in Mstibovo village bears the proud title of symbol of courage, fortitude and faith. This temple is a valuable structure and recognized as a monument of architecture in Gothic Revival style. Today, the temple is in perfect condition. The church building is visible from afar. An overall temple appearance creates an impression of security and peace – old red brick, bright arches of silver domes. The main facade on the west side of the church has three component parts: the center, which is finished with a shield of triangular shape, and the side ones representing the towers of the two tiers, topped with beautiful tents. The main entrance is decorated from above with a large window of the three arches. The church facades are divided with two-storied doorways on each side.

The interior of St. John Temple is decorated with a beautiful carved altar made of XIX century wood, located in the northern part of the building. There are also valuable icons, relating to the XVIII-XIX centuries in the church.

The territory of the Church of St. John the Baptist is surrounded with a fence of stone alongside the perimeter, in which a small two-storied bell tower is built into. The date of the bell-tower construction is considered to be the year of 1900.

This is not the only church in Belarus, which has a rich and complex history, but it is this temple which has gone through historical moments related to all the people, to its unbearable mental pain and severe suffering. The church of St. John the Baptist is worthy of attention of every person, admiring to travel to memorable places of Belarus. In these lands, you can truly feel an invisible bond between past and present.


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