The Church of the Virgin Mary Assumption in Sopotskin village

The urban village of Sopotskin is the largest location within the territory of the August Channel. It has recently begun to be mentioned in chronicles and literal works and a little but archeologists claim that this place has a long and rich history. And really, it is worth seeing. For example, the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary and St. Iosafat Kuntsevich Assumption that is also known as the Church of the Virgin Mary Assumption. 

The Catholic sanctuary is situated near Sopotskin in the suburb of Teolin that was named after the wife of the Belarusian nobleman Antoniy Volovich. Teolin was founded in 1789 on the site of an old village.

According to some reports, the construction of the church was started in 1612 with the donations of the magnate Yan Volovich. Truly speaking, some researchers and historians question the credibility of this fact as there had already been a Uniate church of the same name in Sopotskin at the time. This church was demolished in the late XX century and it is considered to be the prototype of the modern Church of the Assumption in Sopotskin.

The modern building has a rich history. One century after the construction, in 1867, the building of the church was vested to the Orthodox Transfiguration Convent. As a result, the church was significantly rebuilt: two massive towers decorating the building and its main facade were demolished. Yet the church is a refuge for Catholic believers, it has an Orthodox past demonstrated by the preserved building of the Sunday school and forged gates near the church that are considered to be a feature of Orthodox structures.

With the advent of the First World War, the temple was evacuated, and only in 1916 the building regained its original status of a church. But the sanctuary was not in peace for a long time. During the Second World War, the fire fully destroyed the roof and major part of the inner decoration of the temple. However, this tragic event did not stop the local residents, and as soon as Sopotskin was liberated from fascist invaders, the parishioners restored the damaged Church of the Assumption on their own.

The inner decoration of the church was changed a little by the late XX century: the two towers that had been demolished appeared again. Unfortunately, another fire destroyed the main altar of the Catholic sanctuary several years after the restoration. Its remnants are still kept in this place and honored as real relics.

Today the Church presents a one-nave basilica with two towers. Those recent additions of Old Baroque changed the exterior of the church for the better, and now they are the true gem of the church. The inner decoration of the church is made in the typical style for the XX century; here there are altars of many saints, such as Frantishek, Antoniy, Kazimir, Anna and others. Within the building, there are also memorial tablets dedicated to Tadeush Kostyushko and the Belarusian writer Eliza Ozheshko.