The Church of the Virgin Mary Assumption in Dyatlovo

A few historical and cultural attractions have survived in some Belarusian towns. Unfortunately, time and military events are merciless to architectural monuments. Surprisingly, some small towns and villages stand out for the presence of several tourist objects as a counter to this. It is worth mentioning at least the town of Dyatlovo in Grodno region. This place is rich not only in ancient structures but also stands out from other towns for the memory of many historical events connected with the most famous names of noblemen.

The first mentioning of the place dates back to 1848 when this land was given to the war leader of the Garand Duchy of Lithuania Konstantin Ostrozhsky as an award for service in battle. Thus, an ordinary court became a small town with a fortress a century later. The location served as a defensive structure. The location came to possession of the princes Sapegas in the XVII century. By the way, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was erected in Dyatlovo in 1625 by order of the chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Lev Sapega; it is still considered to be a bright decoration of the whole town.

This Catholic Church is popularly known as the Church of the Dormition that is rather evident and reasonable. Although the construction of the church was started in 1624, it was finished only twenty years later because fire outbreaks were frequent and they often destroyed unique buildings. The Church of the Virgin Mary Assumption suffered a similar fate in Dyatlovo. The terrible fire occurred in 1743, and as a result, not only the church was burnt but also almost the whole village was razed to the ground. The main altar was burnt, and archive documents suffered a similar fate. The Sapegas’ vaults disappeared completely.

Fortunately, Alexander Osikevich decided to construct a new church in 1751. A new facade of the building was laid. The project was funded by Prince Nicolay Radziwill. At the time, the church was an example of Vilno Baroque architecture: the facade was decorated with a nave and two towers. The sanctuary stood out for its rich decoration from the inside: several big statues created by the Vilno sculptor Costello were bright feature of the whole interior.

The church was again destroyed in fire in 1882. This tragic event initiated another reconstruction and restoration of the building. As a result, the roof and interior were changed. In the early XX century, the completely renovated Church of the Virgin Mary Assumption was fenced with a high wall decorated with massive gates with four towers.

By the way, the countrymen themselves improve the territory near the church that doubtlessly deserves a special respect. Thanks to the fact that the Belarusian people constantly preserve their historical and cultural heritage, today tourists can admire unique survived structures. And the local people have much to be proud of.