The Church of Virgin Mary’s ascension in the village of Zembin

There are some remains of the beautiful temple in the oldest village of Zembin.  The church of the ascension of Virgin Maria was constructed by an award of dominikans in the 17th century. The initiative has belonged to Adam Sakovich and his wife. Initially the construction was wooden, and Dominican monks was lived in it, which invested the considerable sums taken from fisher and sale  a mead in development of this place,  particular in library at the temple. And the church was burned with the fire after foundation in 150 years approximately. The temple from a brick was built on the same place over 20 years after this incident in 1809 ,which remains preserved till nowadays. The construction was built in Baroque style with the features of classicism.

If we arrive to the settlement Zembin being in the Borisov area ,  the Northeast  direction from Minsk without knowing history of the famous monuments of  architecture, so church ascension of Maiden Maria can be taken for usual ruins  because of him ,unfortunately, there was only one wall with the image of the Maiden Maria and a heap of bricks between half-ruined walls. But on a legend, fatally  wounded Napoleon’ s general confessed here! On the 29 of November in 1812 Napoleon receded through Zembin and remained to spend the night  here. The monastery at the temple was damaged strongly during Napoleonic War. Also the local library, which besides school was at a  church burned down.

Before Napoleon this place attracted to Alexander Menshikov, the approximate of Peter l. The Moscow  cavalry of a Menshikov spent time here in 1708,  walking and running Zembin,  and then went to Borisov. And in spite of the fact,  that Great  Nothern War didn’t   concern these places, actions of  a Menshikov and his troops was negatively affected on condition of edge and led him to ruin.

Zembin began to grow only in 1783 when because of the announcement, his owner on conditions of free trade for people of all worships, Jews began to come here. But the Catholic temple didn’t function constantly.  In the 19 th century the church was closed ,and at the beginning of the 20th century  it was  reopened and restored . It was closed again in the Soviet  times, in 1932. Since then, nobody was engaged in its restoration , the building just collapsed.

It  developed historically  that people of different religions lived in these regions. Depending on religious affiliation, the local population also went to a Catholic church, and  Orthodox church ,and to a synagogue. Thus, Zembin was the place were different religions peacefully  coexisted. Too bad that all these objects of culture were not preserved up to now. The church is in a very bad condition now. Volunteers by own efforts tried to put the catholic cemetery, which is located near the ruins, remained from a church in order. But the considerable sums of money need for reconstruction of the building, which over the years only collapses. I would be desirable to lose such a picturesque monument of architecture, because it by their location has the most interesting history shrouded in legends.