The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in the village of Konstantinovo

The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in the village of Konstantinovo


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The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in the village of Konstantinovo

The building built in 1896 immediately attracts the eye with elements of Neoclassicism. Strict and clear forms, a gable roof and a belfry in the form of an unusual tower seen above the roof make the building quite remarkable. A massive three-span arched gate and a fence of stone accentuate the rectangular shape of the temple. Plastered columns inside the Church are made of brick. The temple as if is divided into several parts, and the interior is richly decorated with wooden carvings. The interior decorations are an organ, a detached altar with the image of the Virgin Mary with a child and a wooden pulpit which conveys the atmosphere of that time.

To learn more about the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, let’s look in the history of the village of Konstantinovo, because their past is intertwined. Originally the village was called Slobodka, and it was renamed to Konstantinovo only under Konstantin Khominsky, the owner of this land. It happened at the end of the 18th century. Khominsky made a huge contribution to the development of this region, in particular, built a Catholic chapel and the Catholic Church 24 years later in 1793. The building like many others was made of wood. The Church was consecrated in the name of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. And, despite the fact that during the war with Napoleon the village and Church were burned, the Catholic services continued in the chapel. The building has not survived till our days and was demolished in the 19th century. From 1820 to 1826 years the restoration of the Church was carried out by Frantishek Pashkevich and he almost reconstructed the temple, but the construction was not completed. However the Church was consecrated and began to work. Services were transferred here, the temple worked fully. Moreover the Church was built of a firmer and more durable material, stone. The construction of the building was completed in 1896. Count Viktor Starzhinsky and Mr. Alexander Khominsky, the owners of the local estates, generously gave a portion of their funds for the restoration of the Church. A reliable gate and a fence of stone, which have been preserved to this day, were also built for their money. Today you can also see two buildings near the Church: a wooden plebania, built in the late 19th century and a modern one, built in 1997, the building of the parish center.

In 1939, the village of Konstantinovo became a part of the BSSR and the temple continued its work. The Church, located here, was one of the few places open for Catholic parishioners. In Soviet times, most churches were closed or simply destroyed by time or were used as warehouses. But the Church in Konstantinovo has never stopped its services. Maybe that is why it is in such an excellent condition. This Catholic Church has been functioning for many years, from the time of its construction till nowadays. Today services in the Church are conducted by the priests of the Carmelite Order. 

If you want to see the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, you have to come to a small village in Myadel district of Minsk region. You will not have to seek the temple for a long time, it is in the middle of the village on a small hill.

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