Trinity Church in Ruzhany

The church, consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity, is located in Ruzhany township on Pervomayskaya 12 Street. It is striking that it is already about 400 years old and at the same time it is still functioning! The church is a cultural monument and is rightly included in the List of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Belarus.

The history of the unique Catholic Church

The history of Ruzhany church began in 1596. That time Ruzhany village was a part of the territories belonging to Lev Sapega. Renowned Lithuanian Chancellor gave money from his own pocket to build a temple within his possessions. Initially, it was made of wood, but in 1617-1625 there was a stone building, which had been repeatedly reconstructed, but it has still survived to the present days.

The temple had been rebuilt, starting with 1768. Then to the middle part of the shrine, from its northern side, the chapel of the Holy Cross was added. To maintain symmetry in the appearance of the building, the chapel of St. Barbara was constructed on the other side of it in 1787. However, soon Jan Samuel Becker was invited to Ruzhany and reorganization was made. After a few decades, in 1850, the reconstruction of the building was carried out. At the same time, the construction, built in the early baroque style, acquired the traits of classicism.

The temple is notable for the fact that it almost did not suffer during the crucial moments and events of the twentieth century. Moreover, it was not even touched on the consequences of religious persecution: in Soviet times, the religious service was implemented there.

Now the representatives of the Dominican Order serve in the temple.

The architectural appearance of Trinity church in Ruzhany

As it was mentioned before, the architectural style of the monument is an early Baroque style with the elements of Classicism. A distinctive feature is a single nave, to which the chapels are adjoined, right in the middle of it. They are built symmetrically. Sacristies are adjoined to the altar, having the same height as the chapel.

Chief, dominant element in the whole composition is a four-tiered tower, which amazes with its height. The entrance is located in its lower tier, being of quadrangle shape. The main facade is decorated with pilasters, the side ones with buttresses. The temple is surrounded by a stone wall with a gate.

The temple amazes with a very rich interior and with an impressive number of Baroque architectural forms, paintings and sculptures. Choirs and the old organ are located on wooden cross-shaped pillars above the entrance. The main altar is supported with four columns, and is richly decorated: sculptures, stucco ornament and Sapega coat of arms. There are wooden sculptures of the apostles Peter and Paul near the columns.

In addition to the wonderful temple, there are many other interesting places to visit in Ruzhany. It is the residence of Sapega, known all over Belarus and Peter and Paul Cathedral built in 1675. Such fullness of really ancient and at the same time well-preserved architectural monuments makes Ruzhany very attractive even for the most demanding travelers.