The Church of St. Simeon and Tadeush in the village of Lazduny

The history of the Church of St. Simeon and Tadeush in Lazduny village

A small village of Lazduny is located in Grodno region. There are two villages named Lazduny, moreover, the distance between them is only 5 km. The southern village is a common settlement without any attractions and features, and there is an estate (it hasn’t preserved till today) and the church in the northern one. The southern village is written as Lazduny the 1st and the northern – as the 2nd on the maps.

In the northern village of Lazduny, on a small Garachi River in Ivye district, the church of St. Simeon and Tadeush is situated directly in the village center. It is known from the official historical sources that the church was built in the period of 1904-10. But in fact, the temple existence had been known much earlier, since 1744, when it was a part of Subotnitsky parish. A century later, a new church building was erected of wood. And only after that, as it is stated in the official sources, the temple was built of stone, which has preserved in a good condition till today.

The Church of St. Simeon and Tadeush description

During the construction of a new church building at the beginning of the XX century, mostly rubble stone and bricks were used. Two high towers, consisting of two layers, are connected with a triangular shield. All the arches and temple doorways have semicircular and cylindrical closings. The church is made in pseudo-Roman style. The temple is decorated with a large number of ornamental elements, pilasters of brick, massive and beautiful chandeliers inside; moreover, a surprisingly beautiful painted ceiling amazes. Choirs are located above the main entrance of the temple. The church inside is very spacious – it makes possible to easily place more than dozen rows of benches for the local parishioners.

In addition to the church of St. Simeon and Tadeush, a good preserved belfry is placed next to it, which has a massive and majestic view. A cemetery is also located nearby on the same territory, which gathered a large number of ancient monuments. Some tombstones have various designations, which are of interest for both historians and tourists coming to this region.