St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kamyenyets

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kamyenyets


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There are many small cities in Belarus that can boast of their rich history. But it is not the only thing; they also preserved historical monuments located on their territories. Kamyenyets is in the list among these settlements. It is a small town on the bank of the Lesnaya River, located not far from the city of Brest. I think you will be interested to know that the old name of the town is Kamyenyets-Litovsk, and that it was repeatedly destroyed during the entire history of its existence. The reason for that was, of course, a variety of military conflicts that repeatedly occurred at the lands of our country.

It is known that Kamyenyets was founded in 1276 by a city planner Oleksa by the order of the prince of Volhynia Vladimir Vasilkovich. As it is written in historical records, Oleksa was sent to the north of Volhynia land for the construction of the fortress that would protect the principality from the raids of the northern neighbors. And the city was built, and then it was destroyed in 1289. In 1366, the city entered the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and, at the same time, in 1976, as a result of collisions with the Crusaders, it was destroyed again. Subsequently, due to its geographical location, it repeatedly had been at the center of military conflicts. The city was called Kamyenyets-Litovsk from 1795 to 1940. It was done for the purpose of distinction of the city from the city of Kamyenyets-Podolsk, which is located in Ukraine.

  There are many buildings, from which you can learn the history of Kamyenyets. One of these buildings is the church of Saints Peter and Paul. We know that that church construction was built in 1501 thanks to the donations of the Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Alexander Casimir. Like most churches in our country, the Church of St. Peter and Paul experienced hardships. It all started with the fact that the church was given to fathers-varfolomists in 1619. They rebuilt it in 1723. After that, in spite of numerous military conflicts, the temple stood until 1924. And even the repression of the authorities of the Russian Empire, swept through the lands of Belarus after the Polish uprising, did not affect it. But the church was burnt to ashes in the summer of 1924. The reason for this was a lightning strike. Only the belfry that was built in 1794 remained untouched. Later, a room for services was attached to it. Further restoration of the church began in 1935, but did not end in the form in which it was planned. After all, the territory of Poland was attacked by the troops of the Red Army in 1939, and, accordingly, Kamyenyets became a part of the USSR. Did you know that the Soviet authorities were not very fond of religion? Therefore, almost unfinished cathedral was used as a tea shop, demounting the part of the church. The Church of Saints Peter and Paul was completely destroyed in 1961, when the funeral chapel was demolished. Naturally, many things that were in the church have been lost.

A new history of the Church of St. Peter and Paul started in 1992. Then the priest Yan Vasilevsky returned the church building to the believers. And then its restoration began. New church building project was developed in Baranovichi, and a lot of things that belonged to the church were returned. 

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