Treasure and Saints Peter and Paul Church in Zhuprany village

Do you like mysteries? Are you ready to set out for treasure hunting? Then, you ought to come to the village of Zhuprany!

Napoleon’s treasure

It’s that place where Bonaparte hid treasure once. Yes, don’t be surprised! The Napoleon, who left all his riches in 1812 somewhere in the area of Zhuprany village and set out to Paris. Since that time, this legend has been passed from generation to generation, and those who hoped to take possession of the treasure have come to Zhuprany more than once. But they failed. May be, you will be more successful?

To find the church

Anyway, even if you won’t succeed, you should try. Why? Just because there is the main attraction: Saints Peter and Paul Church in Zhuprany. It is known that the ancient Radziwill family once owned the village. The church was built on the territory of Zhuprany in 1854. That temple was built on the hill. Even today it is visible from busy route, which passes along the village. You can’t miss the church, so it will be easy to find it.

Memorial to the poet

The church is very beautiful; the territory around it is well-groomed and always examined. Masses are held here, numerous tourist groups come to the temple. There are the travelers in Zhuprany, who want to look at this beauty. Except for the church, there is a monument to the Belarusian poet – Frantishek Bogushevich on the nearby territory. He was buried on the cemetery under the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

To take a walk

The building is surrounded with an ancient fence, which creates a special atmosphere around the church. It will be interesting to look at Zhuprany itself. As in addition to the fact that there is a buried treasure somewhere, there is a sight to look at. Or rather there are not so many sights as, for example, in Paris. But it is worth visiting local interesting places.

Path won’t be overgrown

Probably you will be lucky to get to a mass, which is held in the church. You’ll hear the words of a priest and you would like to stay here longer. Don’t hurry to leave this historical place, as it keeps ancient history. It is enough to look at the appearance of the church. It seems that Saints Paul and Peter Church is fixed in time, the history is engraved in it. It has come to the present and it is great, as we can pass it to our descendants. The interior decoration of the church is also of great interest. You should linger in this majestic church. The temple is not only the decoration of Zhuprany village but also of entire Belarus.

It is amazing what rich and diverse the heritage of our country. Gems and pearls of different historic epochs are gathered in it. They are scattered all over Belarus. One of such places is Zhuprany village. Both tourists and pilgrims do not forget the road there, and it means that the path to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul won’t be overgrown; the tourists won’t cease to bring flowers to Bogushevich monument.