Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in the village of Gozha

The radiance of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Church in Gozha village

Only old-aged trees of Gozha village know what these walls of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Church have come through. That building was subjected to the destruction several times; however, it has been preserved and has become not only a local attraction but also a famous church throughout Belarus.

Near the Neman

While being in Grodno, you can also visit the village of Gozha, as only 15 kilometers divide it from the regional center. The Neman River flows not far from this village, and its blue waters keep the mysteries of the past.

And the past of this small village is really eventful and connected first with Saint Apostles Peter and Paul church. Would you like to know the history of the church?

Year after year

Then let’s start out with the journey immediately so that to learn about this church. Long time before you were born, the king Casimir Jagiellon had hunted in the village of Gozha. He constructed the first building of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul church in the village. Later, the king’s son Alexander allocated arable lands, lakes and rivers for the church in 1494. This building hasn’t preserved to the present day. And it’s all the fault of the numerous wars. Thus, the building of the church was destroyed in the second half of the XVII century, and Gozha village itself turned into ruins.

But the temple was destined to be in the village, yet on a new site. That’s what happened, and in the same year. Permission for the temple construction was received from the bishop of Vilno – Ioann Dowgyallo-Zavisha. The next building of the temple occurred in 1862. But that building hasn’t preserved until today as well.

Only on 30 November 1869 the first mass was held in the new temple. In that temple which you can see nowadays in many of Belarus guides, tourist routes maps and just being in the village of Gozha as a tourist.

The church

The church is very beautiful both in and outside. Quiet and calm atmosphere reigns in the church. Stone walls with white stained-glass windows create a special appearance of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul Church. It looks very solemnly, but it is not pretentious at the same time. All of it greatness is in its simplicity. The church is surrounded with a stone fence that adds a special coziness to it. The territory around the church is well-groomed and clean. The church looks amazing in all seasons. It seems to brighten everything around it with its architecture, makes a special shining. It is probably connected with white color.

Look at in Gozha

If you are planning your trip in summertime, don’t forget to look the surroundings of the village. In addition, a memorial is placed on the former site of the temple, and you can find a lot of other attractive sights in the village of Gozha. They are worth seeing with your own eyes. You won’t spend time in vain; learn a lot of new and interesting about Belarusian daily life. Don’t forget to enter the temple; moreover, the doors of it are always open for tourists. You will greatly enjoy visiting this wonderful building, and you would like to return to the village of Gozha once more.