Saint Guardian Angels Church in the village of Rogotna

Rogotna village: Saint Guardian Angels Church with six pillars

Saint Guardian Angels Church in Rogotna village reminds of a theatre fr om afar. There are six monumental pillars at the entrance, a grand entourage. However this building is for Catholic believers. It really strikes with its greatness. Would you like to make sure of it by yourself?

About the church

Head down to Rogotna village not only to see this main attraction, but also to walk in the surroundings. You will know during an excursion that the first building of the temple was built far in 1400. A new church was built in 1840. It is interesting that the building of the temple was made of cement. It is also known, that it passed to Orthodox believers after the suppression of the 1863 uprising. Then, the church was returned to the Catholics in 1920. But that was not the end of the ordeals of Saint Guardian Angels Church.

The church was closed after the war, and its building was used as a shop for a long time. Surely, it influenced the building both in and outside. Thus, the building needed to be restored. It was carried out only in 1989. The building of the church was returned to parishioners, and it began to gladden the eye of both local residents and tourists.

Small pebbles

You are likely to be amazed with the greatness and the beauty of this church, as it is an outstanding monument of Classicism. Just imagine, how the building with six pillars towers in the village, how people come here and come through holiday and everyday masses under the snow-white domes. Pay attention to the details of the temple. As sometimes these are in little things wh ere the most interesting is hidden, and we pass by without noticing it. Rest your eyes on the walls of Saint Guardian Angels Church. The cement building of the church is decorated outside with small pebbles mounted into plaster. This element of décor gives a special attraction, and you will undoubtedly notice it while visiting the church.

Saved values

The basis of any church and any temple is comprised of its parishioners; it also concerns Saint Guardian Angels Church. The parishioners once took care of property protection of the temple in hard anti-religious time. A lot of sculptures in Rogotna village as well as icons were saved in such a way. The parishioners took away all valuable things from the temple and hid it till better days.

It is due to them, we can see the ancient values, which once decorated the temple. Even today they highlight the beauty of the temple. Lots of tourist groups come to Rogotna to visit such an unusual building. People also come to pray in the walls of this church.

Each of us has its own guardian angel, which will lend his wing of help at some time, put you on the right track. Never stop trusting your heart. A heart driven by a guardian angel tells us how and what to do in an hour of need.

A guardian angel never leaves you during trips or journeys. He is always by your side on the way. You ought to visit Saint Guardian Angels Church in Rogotna village, to pray your guardian angel and to start out.