The highest church in Belarus - Church of the Holy Trinity in the village of Shilovichi

A journey to Shilovichi settlement will be a real discovery for you, and you will never forget this place. After all, the highest Catholic Church in Belarus – the Church of the Holy Trinity is here. Its height is 62 meters - a real record for Belarus. Just imagine this red building, decorated with white ornaments, seeking upwards. The temple is made in neo-Gothic style, and a distinctive feature of this style is coming up spires. You should definitely visit this attraction.

The construction works 

As early as in the XVI century a wooden temple was located on the place where now the highest church in Belarus stands. It was built at that time and served as a true symbol of faith for Catholic parishioners. But time was merciless to it, and soon the temple disappeared from that place.

Another attraction was linked to the church, which appeared in Shilovichi in those days – it is an icon of the Mother of God. It had a miraculous power.

The icon disappearance

The building of the church, which preserved until today, was constructed in the period from 1907 to 1914 years. The miraculous icon was located in the temple. It was only during the atheism that reigned on the land of Belarus, when the Church of the Holy Trinity was closed. The church was used as a warehouse for forty years. It is very hard to believe, looking at this magnificent building today. Of course, after such a usage the church had to be restored.

The icon had also disappeared somewhere in those difficult times. But after a while it has been found and now it is kept in the National Art Museum of Belarus. This, by the way, is a reason to visit Minsk on a tour. 

The grand church

Well, a trip to Shilovichi can’t be called other than amazing. Once inside the church of the Holy Trinity, you will find yourself in a festive atmosphere, where the main acting figure is God. The high temple arches express Creator greatness. The magnificent temple decor strikes both regularly coming here parishioners and many tourists. You will remember this magnificent monument dedicated to God, which became a real pride for the Belarusians.

The meeting moment

The Church of the Holy Trinity in the village of Shilovichi is surrounded with greenery and flowers. It is like a flower, made of red brick with large white stained-glass windows, attracts attention and is visible from afar. Do not pass this magnificent building by. You will surely remember this moment of meeting with the temple. It is always crowded near the church, both on working days and holidays. This temple inspires both painters, photographers and poets. You may also want to devote a few pages of your diary to this Belarusian temple. Without doubt, you will hardly find words to describe the meeting with this attraction. Don’t forget to take a picture in memory and buy souvenirs. And also recommend the journey to the church to your friends and acquaintances. Such significant places of Belarus are truly noteworthy. If you wish to see the most impressive sights, then you ought to visit the Church of the Holy Trinity.