The Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity in Zabolot

The discovered bells in Zabolot and the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity

Every trip to a Belarusian village today is another discovery for travelers. Of course, many small settlements keep real treasures in the depth of forests and fields.  You can quite easily to ensure that this is so by choosing one of these trips.

A venerable age

Why do not we go today to the village of Zabolot? This village in Voronovo district of Grodno region is a striking example why you should search for travel gems in the remote. About 90 kilometers from Grodno, in Zabolot village, there is the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity. The building is over 200 years and its doors have never been closed for such a long time. Just imagine, the сhurch has encouraged its parishioners for more than two centuries! Of course, there are сhurches of more venerable age in Belarus, but they can be counted on fingers.

In the style of classicism

The very first mention about the church is dated to 1622, but the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity was wooden at that time. Unfortunately, the building was not fated to survive, and a stone church was erected instead of the wooden temple in 1803-1812. In addition, the Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity is also enclosed with a quarry-stone fence. It has become a real decoration of the village and joy for parishioners. It was built in the classical style. Both holiday and daily masses are still held in the church.   


You will get unforgettable impressions of the trip if you find time to go inside the Shrine to see the decoration of the temple with your own eyes. You will certainly be interested to know that the real treasures of the Church of the Holy Trinity in the village of Zabolot are ancient icons being stored so long in the temple. Do not be surprised! In this small, but such a cozy temple are gathered valuable icons of the 18thand early 19th centuries. The icon “Our Lady of Sorrows” is dated to the 18th century. Other icons – “Our Lady of Rome”, “St. George” as well as some others – are dated to the early 19th century.

The discovered bells

The Catholic Church of the Holy Trinity is located in the South-West of the village of Zabolot. And everyone, who comes to visit this landmark, pays attention to an interesting building near the temple – a belfry with bells. The fact is that while constructing a boiler house, excavation works were carried out in Zabolot in 2009. During those works were found bells.  Later, it was possible to establish that a date – 1817 – was engraved on the bells. It became clear that those bells belonged to the Church of the Holy Trinity. They have lain in the ground for 70 years, it means that they were hidden by locals in the 30–ies of 20thcentury from Soviet authorities and, thereby, were saved.

Of course, after such an amazing find, it was decided to return the bells to the church, therefore the belfry was built near the temple. It became crowned with the found bells. The ceremony of return was solemn; it was attended by local residents and authorities, as well as tourists who were in the temple on that day.

What unexpected sometimes finds! It is like a journey: you never know what will happen while visiting interesting places. Believe in miracles and never stop dreaming of new discoveries! Come to Belarus!