Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Dudy

The only wooden Catholic Church in Dudy village

If you try to find a wooden Catholic Church in Iwye district of Grodno region, there is the only one in Dudy village. The Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the only attraction of this kind, has preserved to our days in this district. That is why a lot of people come to the village to see the unique temple and become a witness of how the past is combined with the present.

From one family to another

In addition to the identity and beauty of the temple, the Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary also has an eventful history. It is known that the very first Church appeared in Dudy village in 1608. The Catholic Church was built on the funds of the Chodkevich family.

However, the building was not fated to survive to our days and a new Catholic Church appeared in Dudy in 1772.  The new construction was sponsored by other rich people, who were the owners of Dudy village: Geranim and Barbara Zenkevich. At that time, by the way, it was called the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Yuzafat.

Through the times

It is known that then, services had been holding in the Church for a long time. Even during the war, the building survived and served the locals as a real helper in the fight against the enemies.  In the Soviet times, the Church building was used as a warehouse. Of course, that damaged heavily the temple but did not destroy it. The Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary withstood that hard time. Fortunately, the time of the Church revival was not far off.

Three altars

An extensive restoration was held in the Church in 1990. Due to it, it was possible to fully restore both the external and internal appearance of the temple.  If you visit the Church today, you will be able to see all the beauty that was managed to restore. Three wooden altars adorn the Catholic Church. 

Look at these works of art, and you will certainly be amazed how skillfully the altars are made. The main altar consists of three tiers, as if it towers above. Its upper part is a shield with the image “The Crucifix”.  There is the icon “Our Lady and child” in the center of the altar. It is decorated with a carved Baroque frame. Pay attention how beautifully decorated the altar itself – a carving with gilding. You will also be able to see and hear an organ in the Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. During a mass, the organ sound fills the church with pleasant sounds and becomes a real balm to the soul for believers.

Near the temple

At the entrance to the territory of the Catholic Church, you will probably see a small wooden building that is near the temple. This is a wooden belfry, which was built at the same time with the church.

This attraction of Dudy village is especially visited by tourists and pilgrims from around the world. One cannot but mention the quietness of these places. When you come to Dudy village, you will be able to hear how trees rustle and the church bells ring, informing people about the beginning of a service. Everybody goes to the temple to attend a mass and see the beauty of the church, its unique identity and the extant heritage. Be sure to visit this Catholic Church, and you will want to go back there again.