Catholic Church of St. Anne in Lunno

Early in the morning you will hear the Church bells in Lunno village. They awaken the whole district with their singing, and when the fog clears off, you will be able to see a stone сhurch among green trees. This is the Catholic Church of St. Anne.

The rebuilt again

You will certainly like the silence of these places. There are a lot of such places in Belarus and almost every corner keeps many interesting stories. Would you like to learn one of them?

So, once a wooden church for the Catholic parishioners was built in Lunno village on the donations of Polish Queen Bona Sforza. But it became necessary to restore the church over time. But it was not the end of the story: thanks to the efforts of local residents and Catholics from neighboring villages, a Catholic Church was built in Lunno in 1782. Though, it was made of brick at that time. A quarry-stone building of the church appeared in the village in 1895. Only one granite stone, which is kept in the village as a reminder of the former structure, left from the old foundation of the building.

Famous people in the Catholic Church

The new building of the Church of St. Anne withstood hard times. The doors of the temple were never closed. The building is very interesting in its appearance inside. 7 altars are especially important in the interior of the Church. They are valuable because these altars were made by local craftsmen. The walls of the Church are very beautifully painted; you can admire these impressive works of art. By the way, many famous people visited the Catholic Church of St. Anne. Among them was Eliza Orzeszko – a Polish woman writer. In addition, a brother of another Polish poet and writer – Adam Mitskevich – the priest Pavel Chrinashkevich was serving in the church from 1838 to 1841.  

A place of peace

An old cemetery, graves of which date back to the 19th century, has been preserved on the territory near the Catholic Church of St. Anne.  The graves have been preserved to our times, they were made of metal.

Other attractions

There is an Orthodox Church as well as the estate of the Krivitsky family in Lunno village. You can not only walk through picturesque places and look at the main attractions but also you can rest on the bank of the full-flowing Neman River, which is located not far from the village. So after the tour, you will be able to relax, be in the open air and think your own thoughts.

Not to forget about this journey, you can buy little icons right in the Catholic Church of St. Anne. And don't miss the chance to take a photo in memory in front of the church and in the village itself. Because many houses, standing in Lunno village, are quite unusual and interesting in their architecture. Here are still carefully kept old houses, built of brick, travelers stroll through the streets. And in the evenings, both locals and tourists gather for a mass in the Catholic Church of St. Anne. Life runs its course, but the past is not forgotten and is carefully kept in Lunno.