The Church of St. Vaclav in Volkovysk

The town of Volkovysk is a district center of Grodno region that is situated on the picturesque bank of the Ros River, several kilometers from the Polish border. That location was first mentioned in the Turov chronicles. These ancient records date back to 1005. At the time, Volkovysk presented a so-called town-fortress on the border of the Baltic and Slavonic settlements. The profitable geographical position contributed to the intensive development of the ancient town: on the water way “From the Vikings to the Greeks”. In the Middle Ages, Volkovysk was considered to be a town of traders and craftsmen that made arms, armours, clothes and footwear, dishes, the tastiest vines and beers.

Today Volkovysk is a surprisingly beautiful and well-kept town with lots of historical and architectural monuments by which it is impossible to pass. One of such amazing architectural monuments is the Church of St. Vaclav that refers to the style of late Classicism.

This church was constructed in 1846-48s. All the townsmen raised money for its construction. However, the major part of money was donated by the priest Yan Lenikovsky.

Later, in 1930, the church was reconstructed at the suggestion of the local people. The territory of the sanctuary was surrounded by a stone fence with elements of open-work metal grating.

At first glance, the Church of St. Vaclav seems too modest. However, despite its whole modesty, this architectural monument can produce an unforgettable impression by its elegance and simplicity. The Church of St. Vaclav is a rectangular building with two rising towers and an apse – a peculiar circular projection in the wall of the structure that is located from the eastern part of the church. It produces a special impression because its whole appearance is breathing the spirit of the Belarusian architectural Classicism. There are the widely known icons “Saint Kazimir”and “The Nativity of Christ” in the church.  The altar of the church is decorated with molding, a wooden sculpture and artistic painting. Coming to the altar, it is impossible to ignore white majestic columns that are placed in the center of the hall. It is not less important that during the Soviet period, the sanctuary did not stop divine services. Therefore, the Church of St. Wenceslas has been the heart of spiritual life for many years.

In the territory of the church there is a small chapel.

Anyone willing to learn the culture of the Republic of Belarus should devote a portion of his precious time to this inspiriting architectural monument. Today a journey to Volkovysk is included in different tour itineraries. Your visit to this unusual church filled with the spirit of past epochs will surely stick to your memory for long.