There are a lot of locations in our country that are rich in historically interesting buildings that are considered to be architectural monuments. But you hardly know that there are locations that themselves present monuments of architecture. It is due to the fact that there are a huge number of interesting buildings for tourists. One of these places is Ruzhany in Brest region.

The first mention of Ruzhany dates back to the year 1490. It is known that to date it was a mansion sold to the chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Lev Sapega in 1598. Interestingly, Ruzhany has got the right of self-government and their own emblem with the help of the Sapegas since 1637. The emblem has an image of St. Kazimir that is considered to be a heavenly patron of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Ruzhany is situated on the River Ruzhanka bank. There are a lot of buildings in the town that are interesting from the historical point of view. It is a real museum-village and a valuable historical center for Brest region and Belarus. And it is no coincidence, as it was the Sapehas’ main residence. St. Kazimir Church may interest you amongst numerous historical buildings in Ruzhany, it is situated in the cemetery and geographically it is the highest point of the village.

It is stated that the church was constructed in 1792 by decree of the chancellor of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Alexandr Sapega that was the then owner of the Ruzhany mansion. Interestingly, the construction was conducted by the architect Yan Samuel Becker from Saxony which was in the possession of the Holy Roman Empire at that time. According to historical records, the church probably got its name due to the fact that on the Sapegas’ lands since ancient times there had been the hallows of  St. Kazimir.

Though at first the building of our concern was constructed as a church, nowadays it is a chapel, so it is called the Chapel of St. Kazimir in some sources. But it has not influenced its architecture. The erection made in early classicism style presents a rectangular stone building that is typical for that time; it has a gable roof, high rectangular windows. The main entrance is decorated with a colonnade made of four elements. Inside the church there is a stone altar. The cemetery territory is enclosed with a low fence made in our time, but the entrance has its original appearance. It presents two columns that look like rectangular towers.

Like many other architectural monuments in Ruzhany, St. Kazimir Church has been influenced by the time. But despite armed clashes with the Swedes, the Russian-Polish War and two World Wars, it has survived to our days. Today the building requires major repairs, as it is at emergency condition.