The Church of St. John the Baptist in the agro-town of Benyakoni
Benyakoni is a village of Voronovsky district, Grodno region of Belarus. The main attraction of the village of Benyakoni is the Church of St. John the Baptist, which was built in 1902. This church is an architectural monument of the beginning of the XX century. The church in the village of Benyakoni is in satisfactory condition.

In the village of Benyakoni there is also a very beautiful railway station built, like the church, in the early 20th century, the building serves as a station to this day.

There is another small attraction in the village of Benyakoni, namely the ruins of a watermill (in the photo below it is on the right, on the left - plebania related to the church). The mill was laid out of natural stone, so even its ruins look somewhat attractive. Generally speaking, the village of Benyakoni is located on a busy highway on the border of Belarus and Lithuania, it makes sense for all travelers and tourists passing by to stop here for a short rest and get acquainted with the sights of the village of Benyakoni.