The Church of St. George in Vornyany village

The village Vornyany is located in Ostrovets in Grodno region. It was first mentioned in the most ancient records in 1397. That location was in possession of the ancient noble Abramovich family in the XVI century. Among them were military men and political figures, and also members of social-political parties in Lithuania, Poland and the Republic of Belarus. Yan Abramovich is one of the initiators of the reform process in the Republic Belarus. He was born and lived for a long time in those lands. He was a founder of the Calvinistic Church and also a belletrist and an enlightener, was at the root of many schools and hospitals that existed in those lands up to the XVII century.

In 1760, the second representative of the famous family, Yury Abramovich began to construct a brick church in honor of his own patron George (Yury). His wife Maria supported and assisted him in everything. And after the early death of her wife Maria, he continued her work over the construction of the church. 

The Church of St. George of Vornyany was constructed in the style of Baroque in 1760-69s. This church was consecrated by the Vilno bishop T. Zenkevich. The main emphasis was placed on the majestic two-tower facade of the church projecting beyond the outlines of the main facade and standing for the elegance and simplicity of its own silhouette. The church has one rectangular nave (an original oblong structure that is an integral part of the interior); it is restricted from the both sides with massive columns divided into two parts by small arches. This two-part design of the nave that, by the way, is untypical is considered to be a distinctive feature of many churches of Ostrovets district.

The holy icons “Ascension” and “Saint Jan Nepomuk” are near the altar in the center of the church. These works are made by the pupils of the famous artist S. Chehovich and handed over to this sanctuary from the Church of St. Kazimir in Vilno.

It is worth mentioning that the wife of Yan Abramovich, Maria Abramovich was buried under the iron plate, under the doorstep of the church.

The church was reconstructed during the period 1880-1909. It did not function for a rather long period.

According to numerous historical records, the fence of the Church of St. George was decorated with surprisingly beautiful statues; and the interior of the sanctuary is painted with colorful holy icons. Two double-storey structures are adjoined to the church; one of them hosts a priest house, and the other – a house of a local chemist. These structures perfectly underline the architectural and compositional idea of design of the territory of the church.

The Church of St. George is undoubtedly filled with atmosphere of the Belarusian history of last centuries in the Village Vornyany. This church attracts travelers from all corners of the country and gives a unique opportunity to feel a truly spiritual harmony with nature.