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The Church of St. Andrew the Apostle in the village of Naroch

The Church of St. Andrew the Apostle in the village of Naroch


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The Catholic Church, consecrated in honor of St. Apostle Andrew, is situated in Minsk region in Naroch village. The construction of the architectural monument was carried out from 1897 to 1901. Today the temple is occupied by monks of the Discalced Carmelites Order.   

Historical information about the Church 

The first wooden church appeared on the territory of Naroch in the 17th century. It had stood for about two centuries, but due to the fact that new stone churches were begun to build across the country, the wooden construction was decided to be replaced. The first bricks of a new Catholic Church were laid in September 1897. 

The construction of St. Apostle Andrew Catholic Church lasted for 4 years and a new building was consecrated in September 1901. Only a bell tower, which was restored in 1995, preserved from the old Church.  

In the 50-ies of the last century, the incumbent Abbot was placed under arrest, after that authorities made several attempts to close the Church. But believers of Naroch village and surrounding neighborhoods had nowhere to go for prayers, so they continued to attend the Church, working without a priest.

In the late 90-ies, when the USSR collapsed, the Church of the St. Apostle Andrew was again under priests' guidance. Since that time, the temple has been occupied by monks of the Discalced Carmelites Order. 

The architectural heritage of the temple 

The temple was constructed in accordance with the canons and traditions of the Neo-Gothic style of the early 20th century. It was built of red brick; there is a symbol of Neo-Gothic – a rosette window on the facade. All window openings are lancet and are adorned with stained glass and mosaic. Traditionally, the facade is also decorated with four turrets crowned with crosses.

The Church itself is three-naved and is decorated with a three-sided apse. The gable roof with a small cupola fits perfectly into the whole composition of the building. A wooden bell tower is located in front of the temple; it is three-tiered with a low metal cross.

The interior is styled in accordance with biblical scenes: there is an icon of the Virgin Mary on the main altar. There are visible images of St. Roch and of Apostle Andrew on both sides of the icon. There is a choral in the Church. It is adorned with a huge organ, having preserved since 1902.

The walls are decorated with a frieze with floral ornaments. Looking at a skilled wood carving with gilding, you do not cease to marvel at the skill of those people who were working on the design of the interior of the Church.

October 2008 was significant for the Church of St. Apostle Andrew – a monument to John Paul II was erected there. It is one of the eight images of the Saint, located on the territory of Belarus. 

Modern life of the Church

The Church is situated not far from another Holy site – Ilya Church. The Catholic Church of St. Apostle Andrew is included in the program of visit of tourist groups, travelling through the Holy places of Belarus. Every day a lot of tourists and parishioners come to the walls of the temple to venerate the Mother of God.

There are the graves of German soldiers directly on the territory of a Catholic cemetery in the Northern part of Naroch village. They died in the World War I. Here is also a majestic monument in the form of a bird, erected in honor of the dead.

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