The Catholic Church of St. Antony of Padua in Postavy

The Catholic parish was established in Postavy in 1522. Since then many churches have appeared in the town. At different times, noble citizens initiated the construction of the church, which was destroyed or closed because of tragic circumstances. The church, consecrated in honor of St. Antony of Padua, has a long tragic story. But the church is preserved and functioning now. Moreover, this wonderful church adorns the town and is considered a symbol of faith.

Architectural features of the church in Postavy

The church is built of red brick in accordance with the canons of Gothic Revival architecture. The church is a center of composition: green grass, blue endless sky, smooth surface of the water and the Red Gothic cathedral. It is believed that the Gothic structures inherent musicality. The church in Postavy proves it. Each line of the building, decorative elements of the facade, sharp tower and dome, pointed arches, high niches sound like a chord.

The history of the church of St. Anthony of Padua in Postavy

The church was erected in 1904 on the site of the Franciscan Monastery, closed in 1837. A part of the foundation was used for the construction of the church. St. Antony, in whose honor the church was consecrated, is one of the most revered saints in Catholicism. He was a theologian, man of faith, preacher and a modest man. Antony was canonized shortly after his death in the middle of the XIII century. His relics are located in Padua, where he lived and preached in a basilica.

The church of St. Antony of Padua in Postavy like any martyr suffered a lot during its existence. In the First World War, the front line was 4 km from the church. When the war ended, many destructions were eliminated, wounds healed and the building performed its primary function until 1939.

When the territory of the town belonged to the Soviet Union, churchmen were persecuted, the church was closed, and different enterprises occupied the building. During the Great Patriotic War, bells were removed, the Nazi aggressors shot an abbot.

It is necessary to note that ordinary people of all confessions took care of the church, even when it was in dishonor.

New life of the main Catholic shrine in Postavy

In 1987, religious believers sent a letter to Moscow with a request to start restoration works. Before that, there had been many requests to different instances. It was unsuccessfull. But finally, restoration works began in the Church of St. Antony.

So labor united religious believers. They washed, cleaned, restored their favorite church for 40 days. They restored crosses, bell tower, brought all church utensils that were hidden during hard periods of time.

Since that time, the church has continued functioning. It decorates Postavy, pages of publications, cards, websites. But everyone should see St. Antony Church with his own eyes.

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