Sacred Heart Church in Stolovichy village

Sacred Heart Church in Stolovichy village


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Orthodox and Catholic shrines coexist in Stolovichy village: the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky and the Catholic church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are located here. Of course, tourists will be interesting to look at the two temples in such a small, but rich in attractions populated area. Incidentally, Stolovichy village is located near a busy motorway M1, which is undoubtedly another significant advantage.

At peace with nature

So, are tourists, travelling lovers ready to look into the most secluded corners of Belarus, to see with their own eyes the beauty of the village of Stolovichy? Discovery is already waiting for you at the entrance of the village. Why? It's hard to miss the Catholic church of the Sacred Heart. Although it is located far away from the quiet village center, however it is buried in verdure, in perfect harmony with nature.

From the past to the present

The church is made of red brick – a majestic, fascinating at first sight. Modern building of the temple was built in 1911. In historical terms, it was built quite recently. It was preceded by a well-preserved chapel constructed in 1907 on this place.

It is unlikely that the story of the Sacred Heart Church and these places would be complete without mention of the fact that once more before the 14thcentury when the temple appeared, Stolovichy village was firstly mentioned in the historical documents. The village was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at that time. The owner was a well-known Niсholas Radziwill “the Orphan”. It is known that he initiated the construction of a wooden chapel in those places. But it was not the chapel, mentioned before.

It is known that at the site of the Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevsky, a stone church of John the Baptist was built in 1736 in the central square. And it became an Orthodox church in 1879. It has preserved to the present days.

The architecture of the church

Let’s come back to the Catholic church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is unknown, who donated to its construction. Some people say that local people contributed to the construction of the temple greatly.

The Catholic Church is designed in the Neo-Gothic style. It has only one tower building – this idea is quite beautiful and presentable. Two-tier belfry complements it greatly. The spiers of the church are directed upward, like all the buildings of this type. The building is beautiful and richly decorated. It is undeniable trend among Catholic churches.

There is no doubt that the congregation will be able to find harmony and pray God inside the Sacred Heart Church in Stolovichy village. Incidentally, the inner beauty of the temple is not behind to the external beauty of this magnificent building. You'll be able to make sure of it after looking at the altar and a wooden statue of Jesus Christ. On weekends and public holidays, everyone will be able to see it personally, discovering one more landmark of the Belarusian land.

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