The Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Verkhnedvinsk

The Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Verkhnedvinsk


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The centuries-old heritage – historical, cultural, spiritual – cannot be compared with any standards and scaled using modern utilitarian yardsticks. Because it, the heritage, is interesting for the fact that once in a concrete historical situation a decision was made by someone to create something small or, vice-versa, something majestic. And the artifact began to live testifying its era, telling us about it. Otherwise, how could we learn about the era?

The history of the Church: the beginning, modifications, decline, revival

The Catholic Church in Verkhnedvinsk is modest, laconic and elegant, as evidenced by its every line. It was built in 1809, when the previous wooden one stopped satisfying the needs of the fast growing population of Verkhnedvinsk. Later the building was repeatedly built on, restored and modified in accordance with the requirements of the time (1867, 1899).  It so fell out that the whole architectural complex joined in its appearance recognizable features of the Baroque (thoroughness, decorative elements typical to the style) and Neo-Gothic (long, turn upward shapesand lines, division of the internal space).

The Church is considered to be an attraction and monument of the 19thcentury.  The combination of the styles in its architectural image only adds charm to it.

After the coming of the era of militant atheism, the Church was closed, its buildings were misused, it was falling into disrepair little by little. But in 1980 the temple resumed its work as a religious building, it was lovingly restored. Even its high tower, which during the period of stagnation had lost 2 floors, was returned to it.

The seething everyday life of the modern Church

Today it is a cozy, neat and almost family temple, loved by the congregation. On its territory, fenced with a beautiful forged lattice from the façade and with a wooden fence from the back, is located the Church building itself, the building of the former plebania (the priest’s house) and two chapels. The yard is paved with paving tiles, the caring attention of landscapers is felt everywhere.

The life in the Catholic Church is in full swing: all the befitting rites and services are conducted, vows (of monkhood, for example) are taken, leisure time of the members of the congregation is organized. In accordance with the traditions of the Catholic faith all these bring together the parishioners among themselves, help to absorb the articles of the faith in the immediate environment.

The Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is situated in the center of the town on Soviet Street. Once, in the time of the temple spring, the town had a different name – Drissa, as well as the country was different. The names changed and the political system, too, as well as the administrative affiliation of the entire region. But the temple endured hardships and changed, but in the result it became prettier and remained operating as before. However, the recovery process is still going on. In former times there was a college, a library, a complex of household buildings, a reading house and shops. Not everything has been returned to the Church, but gradually its possessions reach previous historical limits.

Even now the Catholic Church is a worthy destination to be visited by a curious person. An attractive appearance, bright interior, prayerful and friendly atmosphere without excessive obsession, the aura of light faith, the visible evidence of the revival, the rich history of the Church – all these are just vital to see with your eyes and to feel in reality.

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