The Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Vidzy

The urban-type settlement of Vidzy is well known to everyone who is interested in the architectural and cultural heritage of the country. The second highest church in Belarus is located here, consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity. Its height (with steeples) is 59 meters while the highest church located in Gervyaty is 61 meters high including a cross on the steeple.

There is an interesting legend about the origin of the name of the village. Once a nobleman with his blind daughter passed through these lands. They stopped near a spring, the girl washed her face with water from it and cried: "Vidzay! Vidzay!", it meant "I can see! I can see!". The water turned out to be miracle-working and healing. After that, the nobleman sponsored the erection of a church. Later people settled down there and the settlement was called Vidzy.

Historical factors of the Origin of the Catholic Church.

The first Catholic Church in Vidzy appeared a long time ago - in 1484. It was raised by Bernardine monks who came from Vilnius to spread their faith. In the middle of the 18th century, the Jesuits replaced the Bernardines; they built their church and school here, but they did not stay long here either - by 1867 all the buildings were ravaged and forgotten.

The construction of the monument, included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values of the Republic of Belarus, started in 1909. The work was led by a famous architect named Vatslav Mikhnevich. The construction of the church was completed in 1914 but soon it suffered from the military operations during the First World War. It also suffered from the Second World War, and atheistic Soviet hard times, when the building was used for storing grain and served as a gym. Only in 1989, the building returned to the church and restoration work began.

Architecture of the Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Vidzy.

The church is built of red brick in the neo-gothic style. Three naves and two towers form a basilica with side vestries and apse. Towers are stepped and multi-tiered and completed with a tented roof. There is a triangular gable between towers. In addition, there is also a typical Gothic rose window. The transept and nave in the center have the same height. The nave is completed with the altar part and faceted vestry. The beauty of stained-glass windows, the overall appearance of the church, the abundance of tracery are striking. Unfortunately, the interior and organ did not survive. However, the restored interior does not leave anyone indifferent.

Thus, the wonderful church in Vidzy is a real pearl of Belarus. It is recommended for those who are fond of the beauty of ancient architecture. Moreover, Vidzy is just forty kilometers from the tourist Mecca of Belarus - Braslav – which allows you get to the village easily.

One of the architectural pearls of Belarus awaits you.

The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in the village of Vidzy must necessarily be to the liking of people who are fond of the beauty of ancient architecture. Vidzy village is only forty kilometers from the tourist Mecca of Belarus - Braslav. Resting in the enchanting region of Braslav Lakes, you can easily visit this temple, as well as see interesting sights of Braslav: