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The Catholic Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Olkovichi

The Catholic Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the village of Olkovichi


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The Catholic Church is located in Minsk region in the village of Olkovichi. The construction of the Church was begun in 1897 and completed in 1905.  The Catholic Church was being built in the neo-Gothic style that is why it is characterized by the presence of lancet arches and a decorative turret. Nowadays the construction is included in the State list of cultural values of our country.

The history of the construction

The first Shrine was built in Olkovichi in 1699. It was a wooden Catholic chapel that was adorned with the image of the Virgin Mary. The subsequent transformation took place in 1722. At that time the incumbent Bishop built a Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary at his own expense.  

The temple became an independent parish only in the second half of the 17thcentury. In those times the building was small so that to complete the composition close to the temple was built a belfry. Later within the walls of the temple settled down monks, who were engaged in helping sick people.  

Wooden buildings were replaced by stone ones during the reconstruction of 1897-1905. The old wooden temple was not preserved, but on its place appeared a Catholic Church, named in honor of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  

Since that time, the temple was undergoing reconstructions, at one time it was even used as a granary. But in the end of the past century the temple was returned to the Catholic Church. Nowadays the Church works, its parishioners are residents of Olkovichi and neighboring settlements.

The architecture of the temple

A three-naved building of the Church is decorated in the middle with a pentahedral apse, and on each side small sacristies are adjoined the building. The façade from the main side is adorned with false windows and rosette windows.  There are stepped protuberances on both sides of the façade.

In the very center of the façade, harmoniously combined with the style of the temple, is a multistoried tower. All the openings of the Catholic Church are made in a folding form that reflects perfectly the neo-Gothic style of the 17-18thcenturies.  

Inside the temple everything is located quite harmoniously, the space here is divided by columns and pilasters. Luxurious decorations of ceramic plates, adorned with images of fruit, vegetables and grape leaves, are located on their tops.

At the entrance to the temple you can see an organ set on a special ledge. Here are also choruses where are conducted chants during a service. The whole interior of the Church corresponds to the European idea of the neo-Gothic style and perfectly conveys the atmosphere of that time.

The legacy of the Church of the Virgin Mary

The Catholic Church is the only attraction in Olkovichi. The current design of the temple is made in the neo-Gothic style. It is a real Shrine for many believers.

On the territory of the temple is a small warehouse, in due time built of logs of the very first belfry. It had worked until the 18th century, but after decrepitude it was demolished.  

The most beautiful Church built of red stone is one of the favourite places of pilgrimage for inhabitants of the district villages. Here are conducted services, every day the temple is visited by tens of believers.

In addition, the temple also houses a permanent exhibition that offers to see the exhibits of the local history Museum.

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