Church of the Franciscans in the village of Halshany

The history of creation of the Franciscan church in Golshany village

A small settlement of Golshany, presenting a village on the Golshanka River, is located in Grodno region, Oshmyany district. The village is 20 km from the town of Oshmyany.

The Franciscan Сhurch is located on its territory. It was erected in 1618 in the typical of that time Baroque style. The church was built by the order and at the expense of P. Sapega. The temple is not only a valuable historical building, but also a monument of Belarusian architecture. Originally, the church was built as a church for the Franciscans, who were invited by Sapega himself to his possessions. In the middle of the XVIII century, the church was reconstructed. 

Description of the Franciscan church in Golshany village

After the restoration works in the XVIII century, the church came to look more compact. The temple was rebuilt in a rectangle shape, which was divided into three naves. Such techniques as order plastic and balustrade were used for decoration of the church walls.

An altar is placed in the center of the church. From its flat side, you can see a beautiful painting in the typical Baroque, and there are columns with a large number of various figures from the semicircled side, they give the altar an illusory effect. The church altar is, of course, one of its main decorations.

A gravestone pedestal in a sculpture shape that belonged to P. Sapega is kept in the last nave near the altar. This tombstone is another no less interesting feature of the church.

Legends about the attractions of Golshan

A very fascinating legend about a White Lady is connected with the Franciscan Church, which dates back to the temple construction time. During the construction of one of the church walls, a collapse happened, followed by one more. The workers of the construction were very afraid to anger P. Sapega and decided that they needed to make a sacrifice to the temple for a successful further construction. The first woman to bring dinner to her husband on the sight was to fall a victim of it. It came to be a young wife of a mason. And since then, the ghost of this unfortunate woman wanders around the neighborhood in white attire.

The most interesting fact is that this legend has a direct confirmation. During the church reconstruction, a skeleton of a man was found in a wall. It had been planned to perform funeral service for the soul of the dead, but they didn’t have time, and the builders accidentally buried the remains without the necessary ritual. The burial site could not be found out from the builders, as each of them died or was killed in accidental circumstances shortly after.

There is a formerly functioning Franciscan Monastery not far from the church. It is represented with a small two-storied building, made in a similar style with the temple.

Go to the mystical Golshany for an excursion!

The village of Golshany is a key place in sightseeing tours around Belarus. Belarusian tourism is gaining momentum and popularity among travelers and tourists not only from the cities of Belarus but also among near abroad countries. Golshany village holds not the last place among the route points, which travelers tend to visit. A trip to this region will be useful not only for usual historical-introductory tourism but also for recreation and ecotourism.