The Franciscan Church (ruins) in Oshmyany

The Franciscan Church (ruins) in Oshmyany


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The Franciscan Church history in Oshmyany

This village was mentioned in the Lithuanian Chronicles in 1341 for the first time. And Oshmyany gained the town status in half a century. In the XVI century, it was established on a new place, which is the town center in a contemporary design of the populated settlement. The ancient part of Oshmyany was passed to Franciscans in the same year. A temple and a monastery were built right at that place.

During the Russian-Polish war in the middle of the XVII century, the church was greatly damaged. It was managed to re-establish it only in 1805. The Franciscans rebuilt it into a stone-wooden structure. However, it wasn’t safe and sound long and it was exposed to destructions after the French army attack in 1812.

The Franciscan Church was reconstructed in 1822. The remains of walls of the previous construction were used but it was entirely made of brick for that time. The church wasn’t in a working order for a long time; it was closed after the 1864 uprising. The temple wasn’t used as intended any longer, and that structure was used as a warehouse, that couldn’t but influenced the memorial preservation. As opposite to the temple, the Franciscan Monastery was completely destroyed and, tragically, nothing left of it.

Description of the Franciscan Church (ruins) in Oshmyany

Only destroyed down to bottom fragments of the Franciscan Church have survived in the town of Oshmyany to the present day. According to research of the church ruins, the historians have discovered that they possess both features of Gothic style and Classicism related to different time. Following the results of the research, it was exposed that eastern part of the walls had been erected early in the XIX century in Gothic style at a quite high level with expressive artistic trend.

Such a once majestic building is in entire desolation and is a sorry sight today. Time has no mercy on the church and leads it to a complete destruction. There is only emptiness inside and only high walls with window openings give the image of how the church could look one day.

Even the fact, that the church has an eventful history and is a vivid example of uncommon architecture, hasn’t given the reason for it to be listed into the monuments and heritage of the country. However, the local residents, despite it, revere this place and surely consider it a shrine.

A lot of excursion tours include visit to Oshmyany. Many tourists and travelers tend to see with their own eyes the beauty and uniqueness of the town and its sights. Merging into the distant past and not only touching the country’s history but also becoming a part of it – all of these feelings will be gifted to you with the tourist trip to Oshmyany.

There is a good opportunity for those who travel on their own to visit the town. Oshmyany is located 152 km from Minsk to the town of Volozhin direction and the turn to Oshmyany (66 km).

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