Church of the Virgin Mary in the Shemetovo village

Church of the Virgin Mary in the Shemetovo village


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The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is in the small Shemetovo village of Minsk region. A lot of people are looking for help and peace of mind here, and tourists eager to see the beautiful architectural monument of Belarus. The majestic church creates the atmosphere of a picturesque place of peace and safety.

Essays on the history

Initially, in 1697, a chapel was built here, which has existed under the control of Zasvirsky Monastery for a long time and was mentioned in many documents of the XVIII century. A century later, in 1810, the Church of impressive dimensions was built on the foundation of the chapel, made of wood.

However, in the middle of the XIX century, the church was closed by local authorities. Only in 1902, Skirmunt made a reconstruction of the building and significantly increased its size. In 1904, Vilna Bishop consecrated the church by the name of Our Lady, as well as the surrounding houses were built for the workers. A significant portion of the land was allocated for the church, and the priest was paid a salary for their work and the maintenance of order.

After the Second World War, the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary was applicable only because the population of the Shemetovo village. According to the stories, the church was defended from closing by the pilot of the Soviet army, which saved the lives of the people during the fighting. His high rank allowed to influence on the fate of the church, and so he thanked his rescuers.

Architecture and structural features

Artificial ponds that are part of the park of the former manor are located by the main facade of the building. According to the plan, the Church of the Virgin Mary has a cruciform shape. It stands on a high base and is covered with a gable roof. The apse in the bulk of the structure has a three-pitch roof and is on the level below the main body. Order elements used in the external design are characteristic of classical architecture.

The main facade of the church is framed by tall columns of the Doric order. The triangular gable with a small round window rises above the wide frieze. The elongated side facades are framed by large windows with stained glass, decorated with pilasters. The broad stone stairway leads to the main entrance. Prominent two-column Doric porticos are completed by triangular gables with small windows in the center.

The interior decoration of the church is no less beautiful than the outside. Choir gallery is supported by two columns, organ is located on it. The walls are beautifully painted with frescoes on gospel themes and decorated with ornaments. An altar is in the center of the hall. It is decorated with decorative carvings and sculpture. The main feature of the church is the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, once donated by the priest Kazimir Skirmunt and sent from Rome especially for the church of the Virgin Mary in Shemetovo village.

A wooden bell tower is next to the church. It was built in the early XX century. It has two tiers, it stands on a high stone plinth. The first high level is framed by eight columns and closed boards. Bells are mounted on the second open level and on the main additional rack. A belfry is finished with a hipped roof with a metal cross.

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