The Church of the Scapular Our Lady in Idolto

The Church of the Scapular Our Lady in Idolto


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The only church in Art Nouveau

The small village Idolto in the Miory district was known earlier as Dubrovo. Today this location situated on the bank of Idolto Lake is a veritable tourist object attracting travellers from across the globe. The Church of the Scapular Our Lady is the only one in Belarus designed in Art Nouveau.

The church is not the only attraction in the location. The thing is that the village Idolto was the mansion of the Miloshis; and the structures created by the Miloshis have survived to our days. Amongst them there are a farmhouse and a chapel. The beauty of the place and interesting architecture attract tourists and pilgrims. But the most prominent attraction of the village is the Church of the Scapular Our Lady.

The construction took the period since 1937 to 1939. In times as hard as these there was constructed a church made of natural stone and brick – as the symbol of hope and faith for church people. Today the church still functions. There are held masses, people come together as it was decades ago.

The Church of the Scapular Our Lady is an unusual church, the only one in the territory of Belarus. The thing is that it was designed in Art Nouveau. There is a rose-window in the frontal wall, and to the left of the window – a jutted out niche. Within the niche there stands a sculpture. The sculpture of the Virgin Mary is located in the courtyard of the church.

The interior of the church

When you get inside the Church of the Scapular Our Lady in the village Idolto, you are sure to be amazed by the inner decoration of the church. The thing is that the interior is decorated with 14 panels. They all are devoted to one theme – the Road to Calvary of Jesus Christ. The huge windows and white vaults enlighten the church. The words of the priest that sound during the liturgy fill every faithful man with the spiritual light. Every church man visit the church in order to think his own thoughts, to pray, and to be alone with God.

The unity of the architecture and nature

The church harmoniously fits in the village Idolto. But it is equally interesting that the church surrounded by greenery is easy-to-remember for the locals and visitors. The church sticks to the memory due to its distinctiveness that is its main feature.


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