Church of God's Mercy
A large number of architectural monuments have been preserved in Voronovo. The center of the village is a one-story and two-story building of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The main tourist attraction is the Church of God's Mercy, built in 1995 from brick in an eclectic style in stylized Gothic architectural forms on the site of a wooden church that previously existed here. The church is rectangular in plan with the same apse. The main facade is completed with two four-sided tent openings. The interior is divided by four pairs of pillars into 3 naves and is covered with a flat planked ceiling with concrete beams. There are 3 altars in the shrine: the main one is of God's Mercy, the left side is of the Heart of Jesus, the right one is of the Mother of God of Fatima. Choirs are arranged above the entrance.

The main Orthodox church of the village is St. Nicholas Church. This wooden structure in the Old Russian style was consecrated in 2000 .

Fragments of historical buildings of the late XIX — early XX century have been preserved in the center of Voronovo. Also in the village there is a picturesque recreation area — a park and a reservoir on the Zhizhma River.