The Church of Mother of God of the Rosary in the agro-town of Soly

Grodno land is considered to be the richest in Catholic churches. Among them there are particularly picturesque and bright, for example, Catholic Church of Mother of God of the Rosary that is inscribed on the list of the historical and cultural heritage of Belarus. And really, after visiting these atmosphere places you will want to return here many times.

One of the most beautiful churches in Belarus: the temple of the Mother of God Ruzhentsova

The church that is rather young has been decorating Soly agro-town for almost one century yet the Catholic parish was formed there in 1589. At the time, there was a wooden church on the site of the modern church. It was funded by Hetman Christopher Radziwill. During the Russian-Polish War, in the middle of the XVII century, the church was almost fully destroyed. It was reconstructed a short time later, but the invasion of Napoleon army was merciless to the church. A new building was constructed in Soly in the early XX century; it was made of durable and solid stone. Today the church is among the ten most beautiful churches of Belarus. The project of the new building of the Catholic sanctuary was carefully designed by the talented architect Adam Dubanovich that decided to create a structure of Art Nouveaux architecture. The construction was fully funded by the citizens. Then the construction of the church cost 540 000 gold pieces that was a huge sum at the time. The sad fate of closing religious institutions passed from the church in Soly during the Great Patriotic War. It did not stop functioning, and remained the only refuge for believers in this area in the hardest times.

Architectural features of the sight of the village of Soly

The building of the church looks rather unusual and stands out from other typical churches of Grodno region. The building is asymmetrical; it has a multi-faced architecture and volumetric and spatial composition. The style of Art Nouveaux was always distinctive from other architectural movements, especially when it was used in the construction of churches. Since 1926, Catholic Church of Mother of God of the Rosary has impressed everyone with its monumental majesty. The gem of the whole structure is lateral porticos decorated with figured columns. Herewith the exterior of the church is simply pleasant; you want to return here again and again; here you as if reunite with God.

The interior of the church stands out for richness and presence of several icons. It is impossible to miss the altar icon of Czestochowa Mother of God near which there are lateral fresco paintings. These paintings tell about two greatest events in history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: the defense of Yasnogorsky monastery in Poland during the invasion of the Swedes and the battle for Varshava during the Russian-Polish War in 1919.

Come on an excursion to the agro-town of Soly in Belarus!

Apart from the main architectural and interior values, the Church of the Mother of God in Soly can proud of its own organ. So the church is especially visited on Sundays and during festive divine services: a special atmosphere during chanting and organ music tunes the parishioners to certain thoughts, calm the mind and soul.

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By the way, the agro-town of Sola is famous not only for its beautiful church, but also for such a historic event as the signing of an agreement between the USSR and Germany that put an end to military operations on the Western Front during the First World War. This truce was the beginning of the creation of the Brest Peace Treaty, which served as the final cessation of hostilities.