The Catholic Church of Ruzhentsova Mother of God and St Dominic in Rakov village

The Catholic Church of Ruzhentsova Mother of God and St Dominic in Rakov village


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Rakov is quite a big village, which is located in Volozhin district, the Minsk region. This village has many various interesting sights. The Catholic church of mother of God Ruzhentsova and Saint Dominic is one of them. It was built in 1906. This church was erected with the help of priest Eustachius Karpovich. Also, Duke Drutsky-Lyubetsky, landowners Bulgaks, Zdihovskys, Helhovskys and many parishioners made a huge contribution to the construction of the church. In 1911, the church burned, a wooden extension was destroyed but the church itself did not suffer. In the second half of the XX century, the church was not functioning; it was used as a storage. Worship service in this church was renewed only in the 1990s when the building belonged again to the Catholic Church. At the same time, the restoration of the church was completed in the village of Rakov.

Today the Church of Ruzhentsova Mother of God and St. Dominic in Rakov is in excellent condition. The building of the parish administration is located near the church. It is also worth noting that the church is located in a very beautiful and picturesque place, right on the banks of the river Isloch. The church was built of yellow brick; this material was used in the medieval Gothic style in architecture.

That is why this church has such an amazing ancient appearance, which conveys the mood and atmosphere of the past days.

The V-shaped roof of the central nave, facades with shields and unique stained glass windows - this amazing architecture reminds an ancient medieval castle. The main facade features lancet portals of doorways and step-like abutments. Inside, the ogive is held by massive columns, which are connected with each other by arches. There is a balcony with a vintage organ above the narthex. A two-level altar, carved from oak, has a beautiful pattern.

There are ruins of the post office near this church. Only a foundation left from the building of the XIX century, which hidden in the grass. Here scholar Marian Zdziechowski sent letters to Lev Tolstoy. By the way, the writer did not respond to many of these letters.

In the Catholic Church of Ruzhentsova Mother of God and St Dominic, worship services are conducted every day. Many tourists visit this shrine and get unforgettable impressions. After all, the Catholic Church is full of inexplicable peace and serenity.

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