The Catholic cathedral of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception in Kvasovka

Kvasovka settlement is situated in Grodno region. There is a farmstead Kvasovka, a bell tower and the Catholic Cathedral of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception. All constructions are referred to the 19th century. The Catholic Church is a landmark of Grodno region. First, it was a small village with one street, 3 shops, a wood church and a pub. Today it’s a settlement with a developed infrastructure and good life conditions.

The origin of the village name Kvasovka has 3 versions. The first one tells that it’s named after surnames that were popular in that area: Kvasov, Kvasevich. There is also another legend. People say there was a poor man who found treasure. Suddenly he got rich and bought a small shop where he gave kvas for the same poor people as he was. That’s why it’s called Kvasovka now.

By the way, earlier, that village was called Pogorany and the church was Kvasovka. Later, the church was destroyed and the village got its name.

While all catholic churches in Russia were being closed, there was building of a new one in Kvasovka.

In the middle of the 19thcentury, under the reign of Russian emperor Alexander II, the construction of new catholic churches was restricted and some churches were closed. But Kvasovka was lucky. A professional architect built the Catholic cathedral of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception in 1860.

The constructing lasted for 16 years

In 1864, Grodno governor ordered to stop constructing. The reason was the unreliable priest Anton Asmond. The parish asked to continue building and it was finished in 1872 and the church could provide service.

The architecture has gothic elements. The professional work is coincided with folk art here.

The building is a rectangle. The gable roof smoothes its square forms. The bell tower on the main facade is decorated with niches from arches. Interior design is made up of 3 naves, 3 altars. The main facade in front of the entrance is decorated with statues of Saints.

The cathedral is situated in the centre. New gates and fence were set up. You may see a bell tower behind them. The Catholic Cathedral of the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate Conception matches to local landscape and makes Kvasovka beautiful.