Belfry in the village of Zhirovichi

This village is famous all over Belarus. Churches have been built here till the middle of the 19thcentury. There is Сathedral of the Assumption, St. Nicolas Church, St. George’s Church, Epiphany Church and Minsk theological seminary in the building of the former Collegium built in 1710.

One of the biggest monasteries is situated here. This place is the birthplace of Jirovichi Gospel and Jirovichi icon of the Mother of God that is miraculous. Jirovichi is one of the most important spiritual orthodox centres in Belarus. The village attracts believers. But former tourists also can find something to see because Jirovichi is full of historical monuments.

The architectural ensemble of Jirovichi monastery includes 4 churches, attached buildings and a bell tower.

In ancient times, bells called people to protect a town or a village or to declare fire. In an orthodox church, a bell ringer rings the bell to invite people to the service or to tell them about necessary events of a life circle such as wedding or funerals.

The bell tower was built in 1828 in a late classical style. People say that its building is concerned with Iosipf Semashko, Lithuanian and Vilnius Bishop. The priest united Belarusian Uniate church and Orthodox Church and he did it in Jirovichi. That year, the theological seminary was opened so that caused abolition of Union.

The bell tower is squared. It’s a 2-tier brick building covered with a hemispherical dome.  It is similar to Cathedral of the Assumption.

The facade is painted white. The dome is blue. There is a chapel with columns, molding and iron gates on the first floor. The gates look like the Royal ones. The second floor has the bell. The bell tower has attached living building at each side where nuns live.

In spite that divine service is not provided here and the walls are not decorated with icons, the bell tower is a powerful religious centre of Belarus. Pilgrim tours are organized regularly and they include visiting the bell tower as well as churches and cathedrals.