The museum of kind simple things in Slonim

If you enter an unknown flat you never know what you will find behind its door. It happens that a flat is a real museum, for example, the home museum of simple kind things. Let’s enter it.

So, the ridiculous flat is situated in Brestkaya Street in Slonim. There are a lot of visitors who are interested in the unusual museum exhibition. That’s why guests are welcome here but it’s better to be registered for an excursion in advance.

Its founders are the Anishchik family: Nina Mikhailovna and Valery Petrovich. The couple has been gathering the collection for 40 years. There are samovars, kettles, cameras and phones of the Great patriotic War time.

Irons are respected most of all. Nina and Valery started collecting these things in 1978. Now they store about 200 such exhibits. The irons are wood, brass, all-metal, cast-iron, aluminum and electrical. A special exhibit is an iron of the end of the 18th century. The Gogol’s character Akaky Akakievich stripped his greatcoat with such iron. There is also a mini iron. Its size is of a matchbox. It is used for ironing light lace.

Horseshoes are collected here too. You may see a horseshoe of 1941 that was worn by heavy draught Belgium horses, Percherons that transferred guns in war time. There is also a horseshoe of the 16-17th centuries for Crimean Tatars’ horses. The Anishchik also collects horse harness: collars, stirrups. Jingles and bells.

Would you like to listen to Aginsky’s Polonaise on an old gramophone? The host of the museum will show you 250 more vinyl records.

There are not so many clocks in the flat in Brestskaya Street but there are valuable exhibits of such brands as Leroi, A Paris, Bekker. And of course, there is a cuckoo clock. Come to check the time.

The generation of ball-point pens and keyboards are glad to touch such forgotten item as a fountain pen. You may try to write with it in the museum. Here you watch a big collection of writing items such as ink pots and pens that were used at Tsar period.

The Anishchik have a big gathering of coins and banknotes. There is money of Tsar Russia, the Soviet Union and Independent Belarus and other countries.

Booklovers will like antiquarian books. There are book editions of the beginning of the 19-20th centuries, encyclopedias, and historical chronicles of Slonim. There is something to choose.

The Anishchik collected the exhibition several decades. Exhibits came from different places of Belarus. You can see it everything in Brestskaya Street in Slonim. If you happen to come to Slonim, you are welcome!