Memorial Art Complex “Kolas' Path” in the Kolas Reserve

A Memorial Art complex “Kolas’ Path” in the Kolas reserve is four estates of the memorial value linked with the life and creative activity of the Belarusian poet Yakub Kolas.

The complex includes estates Okinchitsy, Smolnya, Lastok and Albut. Each of them is linked with a certain period of the life of Konstantin Mikhailovich Mitskevich (the real name of Yakub Kolas).

The famous writer and poet was born in November 1882, in the village Okinchitsy, since 1977 located in an urban area of Stolbtsy in the Minsk region. The Mitskevich family lived here fr om 1881 to 1883. It was a torture chamber and later became a village.

Yakub Kolas spent his early childhood years in the estate Lastok, located 12 km fr om the village Nikolaevschina. The house where the family lived is preserved, but outbuildings were restored.

In Albut, wh ere you can visit the memorial estate, in 1890-1904 Yakub Kolas spent his childhood and teenage years there. The estate is located 5 km from Stolbtsy. The first poem of the famous poet was written there.

Smolnya is the fourth object, which is included in the Memorial Art complex. Nowadays, it is a literary-memorial complex. Since 1912 the Mitskevich family began to live there: the poet’s mother, his uncle, brothers and sisters. It was here that in August 1912 the first meeting of Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala took place. The poet visited Smolnya during 1911-14, in 1940, and in the postwar period. Lime trees grow there, once planted by Yakub Kolas. Today there are considered a monument of nature.

The Memorial Art complex “Kolas’ Path” was organized in the early 1990s and is included in the branch of the Museum of Yakub Kolas “Nikolaevschina”. The State Literary-Memorial Museum of Yakub Kolas is situated in 5 Academicheskaya Street, Minsk, on the territory of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

The head of the Museum of Yakub Kolas and the Department of Culture in Stolbtsy created the complex “Kolas’ Path”.

The complex links these four sites and places wh ere Konstantin Mikhailovich Mitskevich spent a significant part of his life. It includes a number of wooden figures, which are based on the poet’s literary characters. Figures are located from Stolbtsy to Nikolaevschina and on the way to Albut. Masters from Grodno, Minsk, and village Tereblichi of the Stolin district created these wooden figures.

Today, everyone who is interested in works of Yakub Kolas can visit “Kolas’ Path”.