Art and Ethnographic Museum named after Ya.N.Drozdovich
The Art and Ethnographic Museum named after Ya.N.Drozdovich was established in 1991, since 2016 it has been named after the famous Belarusian graphic artist and painter, ethnographer and folklorist, astronomer and archaeologist, teacher and writer. It is unique that the museum is located in the former manor house of the Shirins landowners, built at the end of the XVIII century in the classical style.
The museum has 4 exhibition halls. Ethnography is located in two halls on the first floor, two halls on the second floor are dedicated to the life and work of Yazep Drozdovich. The exhibition presents 14 original works of the artist, 24 are stored in the storerooms.
The museum uses various forms of popularization of the heritage of Yazep Drozdovich. The most significant event is the week-festival "Wanderer, God of Wise Colors", which takes place in the first days of October.
Excursions along tourist routes are organized and conducted: "By the paths of Ya.Drozdovich", "Spiritual heritage of Germanovich: preserved and lost". Every year tourists are invited to visit the "Night of Museums" in May
, and the "Bulbyany Fest" in August.