The Art Gallery of “The University of culture” in Minsk

The Art Gallery of “The University of Culture” was created by the department of folk arts and crafts, the faculty of traditional Belarusian culture and contemporary art of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, located in Minsk, in 17 Rabkorovskaya street.

The gallery is located in the Palace of the Republic, which is the largest cultural and business center in the country, built in Oktyabrskaya Square, in Minsk, near “Kupalovskaya” and “Octyabrskaya” metro stations.

The gallery was opened in 2002. It is a great place for students to show their works. Many different art experts visit the Art Gallery so they can assess works of young artists.

The Art Gallery “the University of Culture” is also a great opportunity to show works to the public, get feedback not only fr om professionals but also from ordinary visitors.

The Art Gallery is not just a place wh ere students can display their works; it is a place for exhibitions both at a national and international level. Here you can see works of both beginners and professional Belarusian and foreign artists.

The total number of exhibitions per year is up to twenty or more. Change of works is carried out every three weeks. In general, the exhibition is not commercially oriented. The gallery is not functioning for profit’s sake. However, sponsorship is welcome.

About 30 thousand visitors come to the gallery every year. Not only Belarusians visit the gallery but also foreigners because this object is included in tourist programs.

In addition to exhibitions, the gallery also fulfills educational functions. The practice of students of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts is organized there.

Author and creative meetings are held in the art gallery, which is located in Oktyabrskaya Square. Themed speaking activities and master classes also take place here.

You can visit the Art Gallery “the University of Culture” from 11 am to 19 pm Tuesday-Saturday, Monday and Sunday are days off. Entry to the gallery for all groups of visitors is free.