The Temple of Vladimir Icon of Mother God

The Temple of Vladimir Icon of Mother God


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Minsk and exactly the Volga traffic way is not far from the Partisans Avenue, a little further from the urban noise, in the private housing. It is not difficult to find the temple of Vladimir icon of Mother God.

The Image of Vladimir Icon of Mother God.

It is widely thought that the first similar icon was painted by the evangelist Luke. The honorable ancient icon does not simply decorate the interior of temples. The history of that icon is heroic; it is mentioned in legends about the salvation of Slavonic towns and principalities from enslavement. It occurred in 1480, when the troops of the Golden Horde Khan came close to Moscow. The chronicles describe the miracle: the enemies of Russian land retreated without striking a blow, though it seemed their victory was ensured. That miracle was created by hearty praying of all city people and church clergy to the icon; temples around the Christian world are consecrated in its name. A lot of people seek salvation in it in their everyday life.

How it happened?

The Minsk temple of Vladimir icon of Mother God was established not long ago, the first service was held in 1991. It was one of the first Minsk temples that had been constructed after the beginning of Perestroika period.

It was preceded by the appeal of a group of faithful people to the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slootsk Filaret for the temple construction. The blessing for the construction was granted, but there were a lot of obstacles to overcome before the beginning of the construction. The authorities refused to provide the land for the temple.

It started heating up when the church rector, who had been in this rank since the foundation, Father Alexandr Rudchenko granted his own lot. And then the things appeared clear: it was supposed to be a temple there!

The modern temple

And now among small private houses there is an accurate modern temple. It is not big, only three priests serve there, but it has already got its own traditions and even historical chronology. Recently it has completed 25 years since its construction – not a short period for a newly-erected temple.

Father Alexandr in his interview to the newspaper “Arguments and Facts” told a lot about the role of temples in modern society, particularly emphasizing that a temple should be home-like, near and dear, so that inhabitants from the district around could feel interconnectedness with it, their responsibility for it, so that they would aim to take part in repairs and its development,

The temple of Vladimir icon plays a role of almost family mansion for a soul. It has its page in the social network, announcing different events and pilgrimage. By the way, it is worth mentioning that almost immediately after the beginning of the temple’s work the community of St. George was organized under the patronage of the temple, which aimed to preserve memories of the Great Patriotic War. There is also a Sunday school that prepares a new generation of church clergy. Later they drift away to plant the knowledge of God in other temples of Belarus. The community members establish new orthodox laities, build temples. The example is the temple of Minsk icon of Mother God. It is situated near the Chizhov water reservoir.

The temple has its own sanctities. In the porch there are stones taken from different holy places, hallows. Everyone, who gets into the temple, no matter initiated or not, appreciates the holiness of these artifacts. Many people consider simply standing near them as goodness.

Life goes on, the town image and the inhabitants change. You should visit such temples to understand the spirituality of Minsk people. And then all the traits of a modern Belarusian – dignity and modesty, kindness and selfless rebirth of faith – would become evident.


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