Saint Sophia Slutskaya Church

Saint Sophia Slutskaya Church


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The church of Saint Sophia Slutskaya is Orthodox, located in Minsk, 108 Kazinets Street.

The parish was created in 1996. Believers were initiators of the church construction. Initially, the first parishioners were meeting in a small room in a dental children's clinic, and later - in a temporary room located near a shopping center.

Two years later, in 1998, it was decided to build a church.

The first worship service took place in 2005, but the construction of the church was not finished.

When its construction was completed, the upper church was consecrated in honor of St. Sophia Slutskaya. The lower church was consecrated in honor of an icon of Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sofia Slutskaya, in whose honor was consecrated one of the capital's churches, was born in 1585. She was a representative of the Olelkovich-Slutsky family.

Sofia Slutskaya is a patroness of the Orthodox believers. When, in 1596, the Union of Brest was signed and the Uniate Church in the Belarusian lands appeared, she defended the Orthodox faith. As a result, Slutsk was the only urban settlement of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, where there was no new religious movement.

She was respected for her charity and donations to good things.

She died during childbirth when she was only 26 years old. The funeral was held at the  Holy Trinity Church of the Slutsk castle.

People began to worship Sophia Slutskaya shortly after her death. Especially women who experience complications during pregnancy revere her.

In 1984, St. Sophia, Duchess Slutskaya was canonized in the Cathedral of Belarusian Saints. In 2016, her universal veneration took place.

Today, the holy relics are located in the Holy Spirit Cathedral, in the capital. March 19 and June 4 are her days (April 1 and June 17 according to the new style), and the third week after the Pentecost as well.

Nowadays,  the clergy of St Sophia Slutskaya church is actively working with the parishioners. At the church, the children's Sunday school is functioning. There is a library, where collected more than two thousand Orthodox books, as well as many magazines and newspapers.

The Church has its own website on the Internet in order to inform parishioners about current news and events. There is also data archive, which is available electronically as well.

The local clergy is engaged in the development of tourism, including the organization of pilgrimage tours throughout the country.


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, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 45 km
, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 37 km

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