The Protestant Church of the Evangelical Christian-Baptists in Kobryn

The Protestant Church of the Evangelical Christian-Baptists in Kobryn


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The city of various religions

Kobryn is the fourth largest city in Brest region. And only Brest, Baranovichi and Pinsk are larger by population size.  According to official information, about 53 thousand people live in the city. They all are of different nationalities and religions. Among them there are the Orthodox, the Catholics and the Protestants. About 3% of the population of Kobryn district (it is about a thousand and a half people) belongs to a confession of the Evangelical Christian-Baptists. In 1989-1993, there was built a shrine for them, the Church of the Evangelical Christian-Baptists.  

Founders of the Shrine

The architect of the House of prayer, as the temple is also called, was a professor of the Department of architectural design and drawing of BrSTU, a Chairman of the Brest regional organization of public Association “Belarusian Union of architects” Alexey Andreyuk.  Alexey Anatolyevich is the chief architect of the projects of JSC “Brestprojekt”. Oleg Khrushch, who is now the head of Brest regional design Institute, worked with him on the creation and modernization of the structures of the construction.  

The architecture of Protestant Shrines

The Church of the Evangelical Christian-Baptists is situated immediately behind the River Mukhovets. The facade of the building fascinates at first sight. If you are not a connoisseur of architectural styles, particularly as concerns religious buildings, having drawn your attention to the temple, you will surely consider that it is a castle, not a Church. Especially if you look at the reverse side. However, it is a church. Simplicity, austerity and minimalism that distinguish all Protestant churches, can be seen in the architecture of Kobryn Church as well.

The history of the construction

The construction of the Church of the Evangelical Christian-Baptists started with pure enthusiasm. As we have already said, Kobryn is home to about a thousand and a half representatives of the Baptist denomination, who pay much attention to youth training, education and charity. They organized the collection of voluntary offerings for the construction of the House of prayer. Moreover the construction had been managed to start before the final version of the project was released. And it was completed in 1993. This temple of 1400 seats became the biggest Baptist temple in the world. Ten years later in 2012, it was necessary to do the reconstruction of the scene in the Church because of the committed at the beginning of the construction errors.

Spiritual life

Kobryn Church of the Evangelical Christian-Baptists considers its main task the care about spiritual condition of its congregation.  This idea is supported by the priests of the Protestant Church in Kobryn as well. Concerts of organ and classical music, sermons and divine service take place in its walls. Here works a Sunday school, groups on learning the Bible and clubs on interests. The Church has its own choir, composed of which believers execute great vocal performances. The priests preach only good deeds and clemency among their parishioners.  

The House of prayer of the Evangelical Christian-Baptists will surely interest travelers from all over the world with its impressive sizes, amazing architecture, interior decorations and rich spiritual life of the congregation in Kobryn.   

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, Kobrin , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 350 km

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