The Church of the icon of the Mother of God "Majestic" in Minsk

Several spheres of interest met in the description of this memorable place in Minsk:

- The membership of the temple to the Sisterhood of the convent, the only one in Minsk;

- Its consecration in honor of the icon of Mother of God "Majestic" - one of the most revered images in the Orthodox Church;

- Architectural design and its features.

The Sisterhood: compassion, creating, faith

The Sisterhood in honor of the venerable Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth appeared in 1994. Some think it happened spontaneously, but others will say that was a necessity. The monastery arose based on sacrificial labor of several people; the sisters see their goal in helping those who are really suffering: sick children and adults. They provide medical care; strengthen people spiritually and mentally. Now there are 300 sisters in the monastery. It is not a coincidence that the cloister is located close to the mental clinic for adults –this is the place, where help is needed more than anywhere else.

The monastery initiated building of several churches in Minsk. "Newly-built", as they are called, temples serve to universal, old and eternal truths. Faith, hope, and love never wane there.

One of such temples, full of kindness, patience and faith of those women, is the Church of the icon of mother of God Majestic (Derzhavnaya). It is located in Vygotsky street.

The icon that appeared miraculously and is miracle-working

The icon depicts the mother of God, with a baby on her lap. He blesses all those standing in front of the icon, and she holds the symbols of state power in her hands – the Orb and scepter. The emergence, or rather the return of the icon to the people, was preceded by a vision in which an ordinary woman was indicated where to find the old, faded icon. She was to clean it and to send for commission religious services. And so it happened, the icon was found in the village of Kolomenskoye near Moscow. It was the image of the Mother of God "Majestic". But the miracle was that the day coincided with the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II, followed by his tragic death and the collapse of the old order, and the terrible era of rebellion coming.

Some tend to think that the icon appeared with the aim to take care of a crumbling state and its confused citizens. Others are inclined to interpret its appearance as a warning of future troubles.

It is important that the copies of the icon quickly spread throughout the Christian world. The Church believes that sanctified image, being even a copy of the original, carries the same share of sanctity, the same sense of personal presence of Virgin Mary and the protection that she gives to worshippers.

In the Majestic temple, as it is called by its parishioners and ministers, all holiday and weekly Sunday services are committed. In addition to the iconic images the Church is famous for the particles of the Holy relics.

The construction and consecration of the temple

Architect Zatko M. M. (he is quite well known for designing and construction of Minsk temples) laid Byzantine style at the interior and exterior of the Church that shows similarities with the great Kiev Sofia. The view of lower extension - baptizing Church - refers to the early Christian religious buildings, belonging to the era of the beginning of Christianity.

The temple was blessed in 2008; the ceremony was carried out by his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alexy II. Since then it has usual for the Orthodox Church measured routine: services and ceremonies, the work of Sunday school. Just come and enjoy the temple: it would be enough to feel your commitment to this modest and pure beauty.