The stone crosses in Zaozerye village

There is an infinite variety of abnormal places all around the world: ancient caves, ancient pagan temples, and even ordinary houses. Let us remember at least the famous Bermuda triangle which sailors are so afraid of. By the way, there are such places in Belarus. Local people pass on amazing legends and myths from generation to generation.

For example, one of the most mysterious and mystical artifacts is considered to be stone crosses in Zaozerye village in Belynichi district of Mogilev region. Here is a real “Stonehenge” – so this unique place is called by journalists and many researchers of anomalous phenomena. But here you can see ancient stone crosses instead of the typical megaliths, the origin of the crosses is still unknown. Scientists and all those who are interested in abnormal phenomena can only guess what these unusual stones are.

The system of stones is something like a pagan temple presenting one massive stone cross in the center and many other crosses scattered around it, at first glance, disorderly. These stones have different shapes: a cube, a hemisphere and a plate. You can see almost invisible images of crosses, circles, triangles, lines and some other geometric figures on some of them.

Visitors pay special attention not only the above-mentioned stones but also to a massive stone slab-boulder located behind the cross. The system of symbols carved on it is of the greatest value. Many local residents have seen a smaller copy of a “human cross” and many other equally interesting figures in these images. However, we can only guess what these figures mean. It is believed that these images present the understanding of the space and the universe by primitive people; therefore, they have a very deep sense.

There are also three boulders in this cemetery in Zaozerye village. They are somewhat similar to a human footprint. One of them can be seen at the entry to the temple, and the other two are at the edges. Over time, many of these stones have become overgrown with moss and have gone deep into the ground. But then local enthusiasts dig up them again.

As for the explanation of their appearance, it is a mystery, as they say, completely covered with darkness. By the way, there are quite a lot of such finds in the territory of Belarus. Zaozerye has been visited not only by Belarusian researchers but also by internationally renowned archaeologists in order to understand the undiscovered mystery of appearance of the temples. For example, one of the famous Swedish scientists suggested that the stones were typical incarnation of the cult of some God that had existed thousands of years BC. At that time, it was strictly banned to depict any Gods, but people still tried to “attract” Gods and to carve their figures on stones.

Belarusian scientists have absolutely different opinion about the appearance of the boulders and cross-like stones. The historian Nikolay Telesh suggests that it is a typical burial place that refers to the XII century, which over the centuries has overgrown with moss and forest. However, no agreement has yet been reached that fuels the interest of people to the stone statues in Zaozerye village.