The stone crosses in the cemetery in Maysk village

There are two beautiful birch trees at the intersection of several roads in the small Belarusian corner. There is an impressive stone cross between them. It has been standing here since the ancient times of paganism. The local people call this place magic as many sincerely believe that this stone has healing and miraculous powers. The whole ritual of purification of the soul is very simple: you need to pass through a birch arch to touch the cross with your hand and then to stand aside and put clean new clothes on, and old things that were on you before you must leave on the clearing near the cross. Since ancient times, the locals have believed that this is the way to clear the mind, get rid of bad thoughts and to find peace in the soul.

This unusual place is located in Maysk village in the Belynichi district. It is one of the main attractive and mysterious places in the whole Mogilev region. Apart from the main cross with birches, there are over half a dozen similar crosses in the local cemetery. They are protected with an old stream and old human burials. You can find Cyrillic letters and inscriptions in the form of a cross on these stones. They, unfortunately, are almost impossible to understand. This place keeps many secrets and mysteries, many of which can humble tourists.

One of them says that once the villagers of Maysk wanted to take the ground under the cross for their needs. As soon as they come to dig up the crosses, people began to find there many human remains, without thinking about the history of their appearance there. Then they did not know that there was not simple ground, but an old cemetery. The next day, when the locals wanted again take start working, the crosses were gone. A surprising fact, but the stones disappeared for the night. Then people got very scared and decided not to disturb the stone statues. And then there was a real miracle – the crosses appeared again!

By the way, many scientists seriously doubt that the inscriptions on the crosses are made of the Cyrillic alphabet. Some researchers tend to opinion that the letters date back to the Viking times and is somewhat similar to runic inscriptions. However, this question still remains open.

You can easily read the male name Timoshka on one of the stones, it says on a nearby cross, “Gavril Mikhal”. But under the third cross that forms an indivisible whole with the neighboring ones, the inscription of a man who was buried under the stone has not practically survived. Only the letters "И" And "X" are seen. As expected, these records indicate the time when Christianity was in its infancy in Belarus, weaving with the pagan traditions rather common at the time.

In general, there are lots of abnormal sites with crosses in these lands. The origin of the crosses can be clearly explained by no scientist. However, there is still one version how and for what purpose the stone statues appeared in Maysk. You can see an umbrella-shaped symbol on one of them. It is very frequently used by the ancient Balts. That people lived on those lands once upon a time. Probably, they wanted to perpetuate the memory of themselves in such a way. Someday all secrets of these stone crosses will be disclosed...